Small D with 450 Cc Breast Implants?

I am 5'9" and 137 lbs, with athletic build. My plastic surgeon wants me to go with 510 cc breast implants. After doing research, I am beginning to think this is very large. I only want to be a small D not a large D. My bra size now is 34B (small B) Do you think I can achieve around a small D with 450 cc implants?

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Cup size and implants

It is very difficult to predict cup size with implant volume choices. The best way to see if you like what you are going to get is to perform a "baggy test" to give you a orugh idea of the size and volume.  Fill a bag of water with the desired amount put it in a loose bra and put a tight t-shirt over it.  This is a rough estimate.

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Breast implant size

The recovery from a breast lift (mastopexy) is not as involved as the recovery from breast implants. Since most breast lifts require removal of skin and tissue only (the muscle is left intact) patients can return to work in two to three days. Oral pain medication is required for only two to three days, after which time, patients can return to work and drive while taking just Tylenol. A surgical bra is usually work for several (four) weeks after the procedure, and often times, the stitches are absorbable.

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Are 510cc breast implants too big?

I agree with everything Dr. Jejurikar said. Since bra sizes are arbitrary and inconsistent, it is difficult to talk about cup size. The best thing to do is "try on" the 510cc implant in a bra in the doctors office. Look at yourself in a full length mirror with your clothes on and off. Remember that the implant will look slightly smaller in your body than it does when it is outside your body in the bra. This will give you an approximation of what the size looks like. If you like the size and its proportion on you, fine. The cup size is not important. I assume your board certified plastic surgeon measured you and determined that a 510cc implant will fit your frame. This is very important. Also, a larger implant will have more detrimental effects on your breast tissue compared to a smaller one. 510cc are considered on the larger side.

Hope this helps.

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Breast implant selection

There are several factors that determine the appropriate-sized implant for a patient. Your chest wall width, breast width and height, amount of breast tissue, and breast implant shape all help determine the appropriate implant volume.

A 510 cc implant will almost certainly get you into the D range, but as you have figured out, is a very large implant. An implant that size does have the potential to look quite fake. Also, in some patients, it can lead to some long-term problems. Specifically, we worry about the implants "bottoming out" and migrating inferiorly. If that happens, it can obliterate the fold at the bottom of the breast, making secondary reconstruction fairly challenging.

I would certainly discuss these issues with your surgeon to better understand his rationale for such a large implant. A smaller implant certainly has the potential to provide more natural appearing results with less potential for long-term problems.

Best of luck.

Sam Jejurikar, MD
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