Are my Breasts a Small C?

I am curious if in fact a 90 is a small C..My breast look small to me. Also I know that there is some swelling, but after swelling will I still be small c which is what I actually desire to be. I was no cup at all before surgery and my ps used 300c. If I loose alot after swelling I am scared that I will be a very small b. Anyway so will I still be a small c after swelling goes down? I dont know how much I will loose from 90. when he measured he said a c is 90 so I am right above a C.

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Breast Cup Size after Breast Augmentation

It is very difficult to determine cup size after breast augmentation. Happiness with your new look is the most important. A rule of thumb is 150-175cc for each cup size. You have to wait six months before you can determine your final size Keep in mind that cup sizes change depending on the bra brand. There is no standard.

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Are you a small C after breast augmentation

Swelling does occur after breast augmentation to some degree, however most will not experience any reduction in the size of the breast afterward. The cup size is relative to your chest size, and will also depend on the particular bra you wish to wear. If you like the new you, and you like the way your breast now looks, cup size will take care of itself.

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Breast implants and cup size

Dear La Toya, the amount of swelling that occurs after a breast augmentation can vary from hardy any to quite a bit.  Not knowing how long it has been since your breast augmentation, I don't know if your breasts are at their final size.  It usually takes about six weeks for breast to settle to their long term size and shape.

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