I Have Breast Implants and Woke Up Last Night with a Very Sharp Pain in One of Them, What Could Have Cause That?

I have breast implants and woke up last night with a very sharp pain in one of them. It felt like a knife going through me! After about a minute of massaging it, the pain went away and I was fine. I am a stomach sleeper and I have 800cc silicone implants. Any idea what could have caused that?

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Stabbing pain after breast augmentation

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the pain you felt is no uncommon, it can be the nerves were stretched or that you had a muscle spasm. It is common and does tend to happen less and less as the tissue heal and the swelling goes down.

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Pain after Breast Implants

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This temporary pain could be due to shifting of the implant with irritation of a sensory nerve. Other causes include muscular strain or possibly and small tear in the capsule surrounding your implants. All of these are usually self limiting and may respond to an anti inflammatory drug. If it persists surgical consultation would be indicated.

Richard Linderman, MD
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Pain after Breast Implant Surgery

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Thank you for the question.

What you have described is quite common  during the first 2 months after breast augmentation surgery. It is likely due to musculoskeletal strain and/or irritation of nerves after the body altering surgery.   It tends to happen periodically and is self resolving.  in a be related to positional changes, over activity, or may occur without provocation at rest.

Occasionally anti-inflammatories may be helpful. If persistence and/or is accompanied by other findings ( such as increased swelling and or firmness of the breasts)  the patient should seek follow-up with her plastic surgeon ASAP.

I hope this helps.

Sharp chest pain with breast implant

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If you have had your implants a long period of time it is hard to say what might have caused the sharp chest pain, and why it responded to breast massage. Many causes of pain can be referred to the chest area, and perhaps your pain was not due to the implant at all. Keep tabs on it, and if it recurs see you doctor.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Breast pain

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Most likely it was positional.  If it has resolved so quickly, probably of no concern.  If recurs the may have it looked at.

Steven S. Carp, MD
Akron Plastic Surgeon
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