Breast Implants and Headaches/backaches Between the Shoulders?

I had breast implants 3yrs ago. I was a "B" however, The surgeon recommended to get a lift and implant however, the surgeon would not do them at the same time and told me if i wanted to do the implant then do the lift later if we didn't like it. I took his advice in addition to the size and he told me that it would take more to fill the area than what I wanted to be which was a "C". He did tell me I may be a D depending.. I am now a DD and doctors treating me for pain mgt think it is from size?

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Smaller breast implants may improve symptoms.

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You wanted to be a C cup and you are a DD cup.  And you have back and shoulder pain.  You need to be evaluated because you may benefit by having smaller implants.

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Implants and back pain

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Very large implants have more weight than very small ones.  The back pain may or may not be related to the implant.  It is reasonable to draw that conclusion, but one must rule out other causes that usually cause back pain- muscle, disk, nerve, skeletal, etc.  Also, capsular contractures may be at play


If a workup reveals that the implants are in fact the problem, you have to decide to remove them, replace them, or live with them.  If a lift is needed, this is a perfect time to do it.


Breast Implants and Headaches/backaches Between the Shoulders?

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Women with naturally large breasts often seek a surgeon's help because of back pain. It is surprising to me how few women with large breast implants develop back pain, but it appears that you have that problem. 

It would be helpful to see before and after pictures, your height and weight, and to know how large the implants that you have are. I can't tell from the narrative if you have had the breast lift. 


Changing to smaller implants (or removing them completely) is certainly possible, and if you haven't already had the lift, it might be needed to get an attractive result at this time. If only a small implant size change is done, it seems unlikely that your back pain will improve. Your plastic surgeon can help you determine the amount of breast weight change that would be needed to have a reasonable chance of improving your symptom--it is available on tables we use when considering breast reduction surgery.

See your surgeon, discuss the issues with him. 

Thanks for the question, best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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