I had breast implants and an aerola reduction surgery 2 years ago. My concern is why are my aerolas still puffy?

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You need to post a photo for us to try and figure out what is going on. Otherwise, see your PS so they can address your concerns. 

Puffy nipple after an areolar reduction.

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The most common reason is having a excessive amount of skin inside the circular scar. Often, this is easily corrected with a simple excision in the office. Depending upon how the areolar reduction was done, there may be a "cerclage" suture which is contributing to the issue.

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Excess Tissue May Be to Blame

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I'm sorry to read that you're unhappy with your results. A physical exam is really needed in order to determine the exact cause, but it is possible that there is still significant excess in the areolar tissue. If the areolar tissue was "puffy" prior to the procedure, then a reduction will only leave you with less areolar tissue, and it will still look "puffy."Again, an exam is really needed in order to define the problem. Be sure to contact your surgeon. Good luck!

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Puffy areola

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It may be that your surgeon used a permanent purse string stitch to reduce your areola and that is causing the problem. It not uncommonly occurs following that type of surgery but is also difficult to correct given your initial problem. Dr. Corbin

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