Best Placement and Profile for Allergan Inspira Breast Implants?

I had McGhan Style 410 breast implants, 240cc. They took me from AA cup to B cup and I'm very unhappy. A breast augmentation redo is planned with Allergan Insipra. I got two conflicting opinions from surgeons.
One suggests moderate profile under the muscle, the other high profile and dual plane technique. My base width is 12, I weigh 110 lbs, upper frame very narrow, petite with wider hips, thin skin over breast, and bony collarbone area. I want to be a large C or D cup with width and projection of C cup, but no ball upper pole look and tapering. Can high profile (not v high profile) ever look natural on someone of my dimensions? Please advise.

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Big breast implants and looking natural.

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1) I think you have 2 goals that are not really compatible. You can be a D cup, or you can look natural, but I don't think I could achieve both for you, and I have a lot of experience. You would not look natural, not because of the implant profile, but because of the tightness of your tissues. You probably will have some upper pole roundness.

2) If you decide you want to be a D cup anyway, then I think only a high profile implant would fit into your frame and still be large enough.

3) The dual plane involves more surgery, and I only use it for women with sagging, which I don't think you have. So you probably don't need the dual plane.

4) One suggestion: Ask your surgeon to use disposable implant sizers during surgery. Then she or he can actually see which is the largest size that leaves you looking natural, and then use the permanent implants of that size.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Ask to speak to patients who have had breast augmentation with similar implants.

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In my Santa Rosa, California practice, I use a dual plane technique on most patients. I have been happy with moderate Plus Mentor gel implants or the equivalent Allergan model. We find that the higher profile implants in silicone are less "ball-like" than the equivalent saline implants. In our practice, we match patients with similarly built patients. We find that patients are usually very willing to share, have prospective patients look and even feel their implants. We strive for a natural look and we find that patients tend to like the roundness and fullness of a moderate Plus or even a high profile gel implant. It is all about individual preferences, so make sure you look at photos and, even better, look at actual patients.

Francisco Canales, MD
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon
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Implant placement

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If you are desiring to be large (C or D cup), and you have a very narrow or skinny frame, then you will likely have some degree of upper pole fullness.  As you increase the projection of an implant they will start to look more conical and start to approach the "unnatural" look.  Thin skin is also another challenge because you might have a higher propensity for seeing the general shape of your implant if you go too large.  It is difficult to really advise you without an in person exam, but it sounds like it might be difficult to accomplish all of the things you are requesting.  Best of luck!

Revision Augmentation

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Allergan Inspira implants come in a variety of projections.  I believe you are referring to "Moderate" versus "Full" projection.  With a 12cm base diameter, to get the result you have described, you would likely be best off with a full projection implant.  You can still get a natural result with a full projection implant in a submuscular  (ideally dual plane) position. 

Peter A. Lennox, MD
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Breast augmentation with high profile implants

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Our office specializes in breast implant surgery and we offer high profile implants for those patients who have low breast diameters. I would advise you to undergo an examination with biometrics of the breast.

Dr. Karamanoukian

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant choices

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A key to this discussion wouyld be to perform a breast exam and discuss your desires for augmentation. It is very hard to comment without performing this exam.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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