Do You Think I Could Get Breast Implants After I Have my Skin Condition Under Control? (photo)

I have a skin condition know as hidradenits. I am 21 year old female who has scars from previous out breaks. I was wondering if I would be eligible for implants once I got my HS under control. Here are some pics

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Breast augmentation and hidradenitis.

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Your hidradenitis would have to be completely resolved before I would consider placing implants. I would also consider an alternative approach such as trans-axillary or peri-areolar to stay away from the old scar tissue.

You should realize that you would be at greater risk for implant infection and capsular contractures and may have to have the implants removed.

Breast augmentation with hidradenitis

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Having hidradenitis, especially on your breasts, has got to be a really difficult thing, and it's so unfortunate that this is happening to you at such a young age.  The problem with hidradenitis is that it is a chronic bacterial infection that sometimes stays around unless the involved skin with all of the sweat and oil glands which harbor the bacteria that are involved in the process is gone.  This is why sometimes it keeps flaring up and coming back, even when it seems like it has cleared up.  For this reason I would be very reluctant to perform breast augmentation on a young lady with hidradenitis involving her breasts.  This is because one of the biggest problems we could see with this operation is infection or contamination of the breast implants leading to capsule contracture or even pocket abscess requiring removal of the implants.  Someone with hidradenitis will always have some colonization of the skin with these bacteria, and thus there is an unacceptably high risk of problems with the implants.  While I would still advise you to continue working with your dermatologists to clear the problem, I would not recommend breast implants for you.  I'm sorry to have to say that, but to me the risk would be too great to justify it.

Joseph L. Grzeskiewicz, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Hidradenitis and breast implants.

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I would not do breast implant surgery on you until your hidratenitis is gone.  Hidratenitis is always accompanied by chronic infection and the chance of postoperative infection in the presence of a foreigh body (breast implant) is very, very high. 

Talk to your dermatologist about some of the new medications for hidratentitis.  I recently saw a paitent who had remarkable resolution of her disease with Humira, a medication used for some type of arthritis conditions.

Good luck!

Do You Think I Could Get Breast Implants After I Have my Skin Condition Under Control?

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You would need to be 6 months with out ant infected areas before considering implants. Best of luck, 

Hidradenitis and breast augmentation surgery

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Hidradenitis is an infection and you would not want to do any procedure that involves the use of in an implant in the face of an active infection.  If you are able to get the hidradentitis under control then you may be a candidate for the procedure.  

Breast augmentation should not be done with activated hidradenitis.

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Active bacterial infection increases the risk for infectious complications of breast augmentation. It probably also increases the likelihood of capsular contracture.

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