Getting Breast Implants After Breast Reduction?

Well I used to be a EE but I didn't like my breast because they caught to much attention but my husband loved my breast but while he was over seas I got a reduction down to DD well my husban just recently returned and he hates my breast he says it's not the same and he tells me the scars disgust him now I have trouble getting him to be intimate with me So I want to get them bigger maybe a DDD or E is it possible? My nipples won't be to hight up like I've heard

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Getting Breast Implants After Breast Reduction

Sorry to hear about your difficulties after surgery. It is possible to have an augmentation after you have had a reduction. The implants can be placed through one of your pre-existing incisions so you will not have any new scars to worry about. Since you had a reduction your nipples should be in good position and this should not be altered by the addition of implants.

What the implants cannot accomplish is to erase the scars you currently have. They are permanent. Depending on how bad your scars are there are treatment options available to you, Vitamin E, steroid injection, silicone sheets, and revision of the scars to name a few.

More importantly, see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. During your consultation with them, make sure that you clearly convey your issues as well as your expectations. They will be able to give you a more accurate opinion as they will have also had the opportunity to examine you in person.

I hope this helps. My best wishes to you and your husband.

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Breast Implants After Reduction

Sorry you are having these issues.  You can have implants after a breast reduction. The implants are inserted through one of you breast reduction scars.  I recommend you follow up with your surgeon on scar management. He may put you on high dose Vitamin E, as this has proven to help scars mature.  You need to follow up with him until the scars are mature.  In many cases, this can take months or longer.  Sometimes, a scar revision is required.  In most cases, this is an office procedure.

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Breast augmentation after breast reduction.

Thank you for your question.  I'm sorry to hear that your surgery has been difficult for you and your husband. 


Breast implants can certainly be placed after a breast reduction.  In fact, in my own practice this is common in women who had breast reduction before childbearing.  It will usually not require any additional scars.  A surgeon can usually place the implants through one of the previous incisions.  When you go to your consultation I would recommend that you try on implant sizers to help determine the size that will achieve your goals.



Even with your reduction it sounds like you still have a generous amount of breast tissue.  Usually this will help to camouflage the implants.


Best wishes.

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Breast Implants After Breast Reduction

Sorry to hear about your issues.

It certainly is possible to have implants placed to restore the volume lost. You should not need any new incisions. If the reduction was properly done, your nipples and areolas should be well positioned and the enlargement should go well. Your surgeon should know the volume removed, and that should help decide the size of implants that will be best. 

Make sure this is something you want to do. The implants can restore the volume, but cannot remove the scars from the surgery.

I wish you all  the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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