Breast Implants 8yrs Post-op and Experiencing Clicking Sounds From Movement?

ive had my implants for 8 going on 9 yrs and my right breast almost feels like it clicks when i move it a certain way,with my hand not on its own. when i lean forward, like on a desk or table, if my elbow is up on the table,when touching the side of the implant touching closet to the armpit it almost feels like the bag is a little empty like it ripples a little. is this due to having them for some time now and im close to that 10 yr mark? or could something be wrong due to the clicking feeling?

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Having a clicking sound Doesn't sound normal, you should see your surgeon to make there's no deflation. It has Nothing to do with the time you have had them. There's people that have had their implants for 20 years with no problems.

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