I Had Breast Implants 19 Months Ago They Have Always Hurt They Cant Be Touched at All, Why is This?

I had breast augmentation 19 months ago. They have always hurt and cant be touched. I went to my surgeon in the early days who said they were fine though they never felt fine, been GP, hospital etc i have been living with this discomfort though its getting worse what can this be?? I will be going back to the clinic after the new year it just isnt right Why could this be??

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Breast Pain after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a diagnosis without direct examination. I am glad you are scheduled for consultation in the near future;  the symptoms you are describing are obviously not commonly exerienced after breast augmentation surgery. If your plastic surgeon continues to feel that the discomfort is not related to breast implants a visit with your OB/GYN may be indicated.

Best wishes.

Breast implant discomfort

The pain you describe is hard to distingiush without an exam. There are so many things that can cause pain.  You should see a surgeon to evaluate you.

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