Breast Implant Valve Causing Nipple Pain?

For about a week now I have been experiencing a tenderness pain under my nipple where I believe the breast implant valve is. I have had Saline Implants for 11 years now and this has just started and now Im worried. I also have had gross hematoma in this same breast after surgery and had to have it drained and always felt something hard in there after that and believed it was the valve. What should I do?

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Pain from the nipple valve of an implant

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It you are very thin then it is possible to palpate the nipple valve on the anterior surface of the implant.  It would be very unlikely that this was the source of your pain.  

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Breast Implant Valve and Pain

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I haven't had a patient ever say they can feel the valve. I recommend having a follow up appointment with your surgeon. It's possible they may send you for testing to make sure everything is o.k. with your breasts in general. Best of luck!

Breast implant valve does not cause pain.

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You should have your breasts checked out by your plastic surgeon. The valve on the implant almost never causes pain in is usually not palpable. You need to rule out other sources of your problem.

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