How Can a Breast Implant Keep Turning After 8 Years Post-op?

The seams of the breast implants were always under my breast but now the seam to my right breast moved directly under my nipple.

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How Can a Breast Implant Keep Turning After 8 Years Post-op?

As you heal after a Breast Augmentation, you form a smooth scar pocket around a smooth breast implant which freely moves within it. If the pocket is large enough and your breast is massaged with sufficient force the implant can be moved and flipped within the pocket.

Dr. Peter A Aldea

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Implant rotation

If your implants are round, then rotation is not an issue. They can flip so the stamp on the back can be forward or the valve to fill the implant is forward. There is no seam perse to feel. If you have anatomic or tear drop shaped implants, then rotation can be a problem as the more oblong portion shifts and makes the shape of the breast change. I recommend you see your surgeon and discuss your observations.

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