Will Breast Implant Surgery Have a Negative Effect on Pregnancy?

I want to have breast implants done to correct my uneven breasts. My husband and i were also planning on having another baby in about 6 months. Can i do both? Will the breast implant surgery have any effects on my getting pregnant?

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Best to Wait

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Breast implants have a long record of safety with pregnancy and nursing. Many thousands of women have had breast implants and have gone on to become pregnant and nurse wiithout complications.

Many women experience changes in the shape and size of their breasts after pregnancy, oftentimes, enough to have breast augmentation or breast lift surgery.

Since you are considering pregnancy in the near future, it is wiser to postpone having breast implant surgery until after you are finished with pregnancy and nursing.

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Breast implant surgery has absolutely no effect on your ability to get pregnant

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But I would recommend that you have the breast surgery several months AFTER you have had your baby (and after you have finished breastfeeding, if you are going to do that).

The reason is that your breasts may well change in size or shape after a pregnancy, and therefore the surgical plan will be different.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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While getting breast augmentation surgery won't affect your ability to get pregnant, I would recommend waiting at this point since you plan to get pregnant in a few months. Being pregnant may further change your breasts and you may require a different procedure after all is said and done.

Pregnancy may effect your breast implants

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You can certainly have breast implant surgery and then undergo a completely normal pregnancy. The only concern is the effect that the pregnancy may have on the results of your implant surgery.

As you probably know from your first pregnancy, the breasts undergo significant changes as a result of the hormones that are produced. This usually causes an enlargement of the breast tissue and stretching of the skin covering the breasts.

For this reason, it is probably best to wait until your pregnancy and breast feeding, if you are planning to do so, are completed. If your breasts sag after pregnancy and you have implants in place, they may end up looking worse than they did to begin with. Good luck.

Breast Implant surgery will not have a negative effect on a pregnancy.

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Although breast implant surgery will not have a negative effect on a pregnancy, you may want to consider waiting to have surgery until after the pregnancy. As you know from your 1st child, pregnancy does significantly affect your breast shape and size. This occurs both during and after your pregnancy. If you know you want to get pregnant in the next 6 months, you should wait until after you have had your next child. With pregnancy, you will have engorgement of the breast which should help with some of the asymmetry. When the breasts have returned to their normal size, you will have a better idea as to what size implant you should have, and if you need a lift at the same operation.

Wait til after

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If you are that close to having a baby it would be wise to wait until after to know what your breasts need. While there is no danger to doing it now, you might need to re-do it if your breasts change from another pregnancy.

Wait until your breasts are stable

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Since pregnancy ,as well as breast-feeding, will have unpredictable effects on the size, shape, and symmetry of your breasts, it does not make sense to have breast surgery to try to change any of these characteristics until after your breast changes from pregnancy are complete. Your breasts may be smaller, larger, or the same size and may or may not be more sagging and asymmetric. Why do surgery only to not have predictable results because of a subsequent pregnancy?

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
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Breast implants will not influence your pregnancy, but pregnancy can influence your breasts. If you are planning on having kids right away you might want to wait until you are finished. If you are planning on breast feeding then I would NOT choose a periareolar incision as it may disrupt your mild ducts preventing successful breast feeding. The other approaches such as inframammary and axillary would avoid this concern.

Breast Augmentation and Planned Pregnancy in Six Months

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Breast augmentation will not affect your ability to have children.  And it should not affect your ability to breast feed.  However, if you are planning a pregnancy in six months, I would recommend to hold off on your breast procedure.  Your breasts will most likely change after pregnancy and breast feeding.    Afterwards, one procedure can be tailored to correct your asymmetry and any post pregnancy changes.

Pregancy and Breast Implants

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Although breast implants will not have any negative effect on becoming pregnant or carrying a child, it is recommended to wait until after you are done having children before undergoing this procedure. During pregnancy the breasts increase in size and then decrease after breast feeding, many women also experience additional assymetry. Since there will be such significant changes to the size and shape of your breast during this time it is advised that you wait until after you are done breastfeeding to assess the size, shape and elasticity of the skin. Many women also require a breast lift after pregnancy so by waiting you may be able to prevent additional surgeries to fix the aesthetic of the breast. 

Tarick K. Smiley, MD
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