Breast Implant Size Concerns

If you are almost a 36B, what is a good size breast implants to consider going for? How much saline should you consider using? I am thinking about having implants, but I don't want to be too large but or too small. I am 5ft 7in tall, and about 152 pounds.

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Breast implant size concerns

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Breast implant size concerns are one of the most difficult questions facing the patient undergoing breast surgery. This must involve a detailed discussion between the patient and physcian and/or the staff.

It helps for the patient to understand the difference and relationship between size of implant and the bra cup.

There are some tools available for this. Below is one example.

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Dimensions need to be examined to answer this question

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Most plastic surgeons answer your question by measuring the lengths between reference points on a prospective patient. You should see a few experienced local surgeons for their opinions to help determine your options here.

John P. Di Saia, MD
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You must see what size will full fill your body image

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When I consult with breast augmentation patients I alway have them choose the size of the implant by putting a low profile gel implant in their bra and then letting them look at there breast in the mirror with and with out cloths over the bra. People almost always know what they want and with a few measurements of the position of the nipple and the base diameter of the breast the right size can be selected and the results be rewarding to the patient and the surgeon. In the end the only individual's opinion that really counts is the patient.

Carl W. "Rick" Lentz III, MD
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It depends on your exam

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I would need to meet with you, take your measurements, see how much tissue laxity that you have before being able to start suggesting sizes. It may be helpful for you to view a number of before and after photos of women paying attention to finding a before that most closely approximates your shape and size now and then seeing what effect the implant that they chose had. As I have mentioned before, trying implants on in your plastic surgeon's office is helpful too.

Dr. Edwards

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