Did my Right Breast Implant Shift?

I am 3 wks po and my left breast dropped and fluffed at 2 wks po it looks and feels great My right hasnt and is high w/ and oval shape, i actually have my natural breast tissue hanging off the implant. Could my implant have shifted? Ive heard doctors say give it up to 6months but i ran into a girl who had said hers shifted and at 1month po she was getting it corrected. I just dont want to wait to long to fix any issues since i live out of town from my ps. Im right handed if this helps, thank you

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I would wait three months before undergoing a revision.

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I am having difficulty evaluating your photos both the pre and post-op and do not clearly see that your right implant is in fact higher then the left. However, because you are able to sense that the lower pole of the right breast is not filled with the implant does suggest that the implant is riding high in this breast. The fact that you are not very far out in the recovery period does however mandate that you be patient. There is ample opportunity for the right implant to descend into the proper position. Applying pressure to upper pole of this breast may encourage it to fall into place more quickly. Certainly, waiting for the breast to correct itself naturally is preferable to undergoing a second surgery. If after three months the desired change has not happened then a revision will likely be necessary.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Breast implant asymmetry

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After breast augmentation the breast implants may appear elevated.  Generally, the implants will settle into a more inferior position over time filling out the lower pole of the breast.   Implants may settle at different rates.  However, it is important that you discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon.   The technique used during breast augmentation as well as the quality of the capsule may influence the position of the implants. 

David Bray, Jr, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Your right implant hasn't dropped enough yet.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "fluffed," but your left breast does indeed look good. Your right side shows an implant that is both "pinched" and still higher than ideal. I don't think your right implant has shifted; rather, it has yet to drop sufficiently to allow the implant to be accurately behind the breast tissue and fill out the breast skin on that side. Your (right) pocket may be a bit narrow as well, but this too may improve as time goes by, or may require  a small surgical revision for a result that matches the left side as much as possible. Re-operation should not occur, in my opinion, until at least 3 months after surgery (and 6 months would be better).

For now, speak with your surgeon via email and digital photograph if you cannot see him in person. In the absence of other suggestions, I would recommend an elastic breast strap worn at night only, and placed below the left breast and above the right one, which will help to drop and lateralize your right-side implant. You can wear a T-shirt over the elastic bandeau and safety pin it to the shirt to keep it in place. If this helps, great; if not, then bide your time until re-operation can give you the result you are hoping for! Best wishes!

Implants Can "Settle"

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In the first few eeks after augmentation, it is common for the implants to appear high or full toward the top.

It is also common for the two sides to "drop" or "settle" at different times.

Your plastic surgeon will want to evaluate your implant position to ascertain that the current asymmetry is OK and advise you if he/she wants you to:

  • "just be patient,"
  •  massage or manipulate the implants in a special way,
  • or anticipate some surgical revision.

It may be inconvenient for you, since you are "out of town from your plastic surgeon," but it is important that you have the needed follow-up.

Settling of breast implants

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I agree that there is some minor asymmetry between the breasts, but you should allow more time (4-6 months) before considering any revision.

Anindya Lahiri, FRCS (Plast)
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

You may need revision

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You before pictures shows mild ptosis. You had imants and looks like nipple lift. You need to wait,but based on the pictures you will need revision.

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