Breast Implant Revision. Weight Gain and Rippling?

I had my breast implants done in nov of 2003 the first time I went from 34ab to 36 d I had a capsular so I had a capsolectomey 1 year later with a change of implants for a larger size , granted then I was a size 3 I weighd 125lbs and I'm 511 now , now I weight 174 lbs more muscle and after having a 3 rd child I'm now about a 38d but I have such bad rippling , and I want my overfilled saline out for high profile cohesive gel implants would you recommend it and I want to go up a size

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Breast Implant Revision Post Weight Gain

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An in person exam and consultation would be necessary to provide you the best recommendations regarding placement and size that will be consistent with your objectives, lifestage, and lifestyle. Consult in person with 3 - 4 experienced and expert board certified plastic surgeons to explore your options.

Breast implant revision

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Difficult to offer advice without an exam.  Rippling in a heavier women with larger breasts may be the result of implants in a subglandular pocket.  It may be better to be placed under the muscle.

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