Should I Have Breast Implant Revision Surgery? (photo)

I had breast augmentation 10/9/12.When I went for my consult I told her that I was thinking 300cc implants.She thought that was too big. She told me to try some sizers, up to 240-270cc and then we would talk.When she came back in the room we agreed on 240-270cc,then after the surgery I noticed that she had put in 210-240cc. She says that she will redo the surgery but I have to buy new implants.Shes discouraging me from doing anything more and says that its a good result. Im very disappointed.

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Should I Have Breast Implant Revision Surgery

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Based only upon these photos, I don't see why the agreed upon size was not used. At this stage, I do not think it would be worth your while even if there were no charges at all, to go up a mere 30 cc in size. If you are unhappy with the current size, I am not sure you would notice enough of a size change. I generally discourage size changes less than 100 cc, but in your situation, I think you would benefit from a larger implant, probably a 300cc,  after waiting at least 6 months.

Should I Have Breast Implant Revision Surgery

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Based only upon these after photos, I don't see why the agreed upon size was used, and I am not sure why the  size you wished for couldn't have been used.

At this stage, I am not sure if it would be worth your while even were there no charge at all, to go up a mere 30 cc in size. If you are unhappy with the current size, I am not sure you would notice enough of a size change. I usually discourage size changes less than 100 cc, though maybe the threshold would be a bit lower for 210 cc implants. 

I do think this is an attractive result, but that does not mean it would not have been more attractive at the size you preferred. 

The issues regarding the feel of the implants is quite common with saline, and would probably be less bothersome with silicone gel implants. 

Thank you for your question, all the best. 



Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

30cc change in breast implant probably not worth it

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30 cc is one ounce or 1/8 of a cup.  This is not a very big difference in volume and is probably not worth going through another surgery.  I can certainly understand your disappointment since you and your surgeon discussed a certain volume beforehand, but surgery is as much art as science and sometimes we have to make adjustments once the procedure has begun.  Looking at your photos, I'm not sure your breasts would have accommodated a larger implant - your skin looks tight.  It may not have been possible for your surgeon to have inserted the slightly bigger implant that you all agreed upon beforehand.  You had surgery about 4 months ago.  I would suggest waiting another few months to let the implants settle.  If you decide that you want a significant increase in volume (a cup size or so), then meet with your surgeon.

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Revision Surgery for 30 cc Increase in Breast Implant Size

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   To increase 30 cc, it is probably not worth pursuing further surgery.  You may want to wait a few months to allow tissues to relax.  If you decide you want 100 cc or so increase, this would be more reasonable.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Breast Implant Sizes

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Upsizing by only 30 cc will not make a very big difference.  From your pictures, your skin looks fairly tight with the implants that you have.  So, you need to proceed with caution to make sure that you are not putting in an implant that is too large for your your anatomy.  If you do change your implants, you may also want to consider switching to an anatomic / shaped implant like those made by Sientra.  


Good Luck.

Breast size changes with small volume increases at a second surgery.

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  • Sit down with your surgeon and ask her what the final saline fill volumes were for each breast. Each 5cc you wish to add is equivalent to a teaspoon...  You are seeking a very small incremental increase in your breast size when you go up 30cc. 
  • If you skin/breast cover over the implant is tight or thin, you might end up with rippling or a palpable implant with overenthusiastic size increases at a second surgery. Your experienced plastic surgeon, after re-examining you, should give you implant size guidance to obtain the best long term outcome. 

​Best Regards,

Douglas J. Raskin, MD
Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon
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Unhappy With Breast Size after Breast Augmentation?

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I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment after breast augmentation surgery. Your case is however illustrative and may be helpful to other patients.

 Generally speaking, I think it is problematic to try and decide exactly what size/profile of breast implants will best meet a patient's goals preoperatively. Despite a variety of modalities available preoperatively (all of which made the helpful but not precise enough), I think the  breast implant size/profile decision is best made during surgery after the use of temporary sizers with the patient in the upright position.

 At this point, given that you say that you are “very disappointed”, I would suggest that you communicate these concerns in a calm/constructive fashion with your plastic surgeon. Communicate your goals clearly;  as you know, this communication is key for every patient undergoing breast augmentation or breasts revisionary surgery. In my practice, I find the use of goal pictures helpful during this communication process.

 If the breast size is the main issue, do not increase your breast implant only 30 cc;  this is not enough of a change to make a difference. At the size range that you are discussing, consider at least a 60 cc increase in breast implant size. Again, clear communication of goals will be important to avoid further   dissatisfaction.

 Best wishes.

Breast implant revision?

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For 30 cc's I am not sure you will notice a significant difference.  I am also not sure why the implants desired were not used.

Breast implant revision

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It appears from the photos that your skin is tight.  In my opinion, you should wait several more months to allow your skin and muscle to stretch before considering larger implants.  The implant manufacturers sometimes give discounts to exchange implants for a larger size.  Have your plastic surgeon contact manufacturer for financial consideration.

Lawrence Enisman, MD, FACS
Albany Plastic Surgeon

Should I Have Breast Implant Revision Surgery?

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This is a serious mis communication issue. You and your surgeon have a complete breakdown in pre operative and post operative trust. Unfortunately to achieve a "larger" happier result you will need NEW implants that have a cost. Plus a new surgeon and facility fees. If you came to most boarded PSs with this issue I would offer you discount secondary surgery in the range of $3,000. So try to find an understanding PS in your city to help you. 

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