Breast Implant Revision, Do Plastic Surgeons Offer Payment Plans?

My journey started in july2010 i saved up a hefty downpayment &financed the rest of my breast augmentation.Long story short I was very mistreated by my surgeon and after 3surgeries I had traded one problem for another.Im devastated and now looking for another surgeon is beyond hard.I cannot finance because the banks are not lending,so financing is very difficult.I would love to find a surgeon in Chicago that I can put down a payment and make monthly payments. My self esteem is lower than when i began this

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Breast Implant Revision and Payment Plans

Plastic Surgery is generally paid in advance. Many surgeons including myself offers 3rd party financing including for patients with challenged credit. Moreover, you may find that some centers will finance the surgeries, but you will need to ensure that they provide safe and quality care.

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Breast implant revision

Cosmetic surgery is commonly paid in full before surgery. I do not know of any that will accept a payment plan.  Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Financing breast revisions

I am sorry to hear about your problems.  Most plastic surgeons work with Care Credit, an outside finance company.  Your other alternatives are to make monthly payments until the total amount has been paid or to see a physician in a training program.  If you have a complicated case, then the involvement of an academic plastic surgeon/professor may be beneficial.  Good luck to you.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Payment Plans for Breast Revision Procedures

Dear youonlyliveonce,

While many plastic surgeons do offer financing plans, most do so by using third-party payers who will use your credit rating to determine if you will or will not be a candidate for financing.  If you are unable to obtain financing, one option to consider may be the plastic surgery training programs at the major university centers in your region.  Most of these centers have clinics where the plastic surgery residents and fellows see patients and perform surgery.  While your surgery may be performed be a resident, the attending plastic surgeons, the ones who are the teachers for the residents, will be there is assist in the planning and performance of the surgery.  Be assured, there is help out there.  Please contact one of the centers in your area for an appointment.

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Financing Surgery

We work with a financing company that specializes in cosmetic surgery financing called CareCredit so I think  surgeons in your area also have that available. But it is available only if your credit scores are high enough. Very occasionaly we have a patient that can't get any conventional financing and we set up a layaway plan where the patient makes payments at their convenience and when all payments have been made they set a surgery date. Perhaps that is also a possibility for you in that area. But no surgeon will do a procedure and allow payments afterwards because if the payments aren't made it is hard to do a repossession.

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Revisionary Breast Surgery and Payment Plans?

Thank you for the question.

Based on your unfortunate experience,  I'm sure you are aware that your first priority should be finding a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon who has a significant track history of  revisionary breast surgery. Otherwise, you may find that your “journey” will continue in an  undesirable direction.

Find the plastic surgeon that can help you achieve your goals,  gradually get back on your feet financially,  and have the surgical procedure done correctly ( when the time is right).  Going about things from the financial standpoint first  will be more likely to  end up with further problems.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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