Breast Implant Replacement or Fat Transfer After Unhappy with Results of Implant Replacement? (photo)

My PIP 270 implants were replaced (+ capsulectomies) with 310 natrelle moderate silicone responsive & ive been left with an undesirable breast contour. From the side view I have humps at the top of my chest where the implants start which are tender. My surgeon recommends fat transfer to plump up the skin and conseal the implant otherwise replace with smaller implant, possibly under the muscle. I also feel a hard area of implant around the nipple area making it tender . What would you advise?

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Low BA

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Hi, Your unsatisfaction is coming from the first surgery, where the position of the pockets are too low. If you posted your original  pictures could help. I think the whole thing need to be revised. Definitly you need a mastopexy with augmentsion. Howevere, no decision can be made with out proper examination and assissment. My message to you is to see a board certified plastic surgeon, and the whole thing should be revised, the nipples , the breast, and the final results are too low.

good luck

UAE Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implants

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Your implants are sitting very low. This could be due to the fact that you were born like this or the infra-mammary line was lowere or the implant has been displaced inferiorly. The implants are also laterally displaced. These issues has to be addressed. If you do not have enough breast tissue then you may  consider changing the position of the implants to under the muscle. Consider a form stable implant, shaped implant to give you some fullness in the upper pole of the breast.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Implants that are bottoming out should be lifted and repositioned

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Looking at your picture what strikes me is how low your implants sit.  I would recommend revising your breast augmentation with a revision of the breast pocket and repositioning the implant higher.  It will make your breasts look much better/natural and may solve your other problems.

This is done by removing the implant and closing off the lower part of the space where the implant sits.  The implant is then placed back.  After the surgery you will need to wear a support bra for 6 weeks minimum to ensure the repair doesn't fall apart and the implants do not fall down again.

Breast implant revision contour options

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Hello, There is a lot to think about when considering all of the options that you have listed. I would simplify things by first asking yourself if your breasts are the size that you want them. If they ate there is no point going smaller as this will lead to more dissatisfaction. There is a good chance that there is irregularity of your breast pocket and this may be causing some of your breast contour problems. Breast pocket irregularities should be corrected by addressing the breast pocket not by changing the breast implant. Fat grafting can be used to camouflage the irregularity if you have enough fat and the irregularities are mild. Make sure you discuss all of these issues in depth with your plastic surgeon as it will be important to come to a definitive conclusion that has the best chance of successes before you proceed. All the best, Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant issues

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It is always helpful to post your preop photos. WIth the post-op photos only, it can be difficult to determine some of the things that possibly need to be corrected.  It looks like the implants are too low. However, the nipples pointing to the sides is probably what you had before surgery or at least a suggestion of it, that now has become magnified.

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