I Had Breast Implant Removed Due Infection , Will my Breast Tissue Grow Back?

I am Fiipina , I weigh 112 lbs 5'2" in height, I had saline breast implant done in Oct 2004 , had scar tissue removed after 6 months , scar tissue had been removed for 4 times until I deiced to have it replace to silicone gel implant Jan 2012. I had infection and took anti biotic . My New surgeon advice me to have it remove due infections and some problems i had . I had breast implant removed March 2012. My right breast look so terrible right now due scar tissue removal fro several times .

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Breasts Appearance after Breast Implant Removal?

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Thank you for the question.

I'm sorry to hear about the experience you have had with breast implants. No, breast tissue will not “grow back”; however, the appearance of your breast may improve with time and ongoing healing. You are relatively early out of your breast implant removal surgery and several months of (and even up to a year)  will be necessary to allow for resolution of swelling/inflamation and skin contraction to occur.

I would suggest that you evaluate  the appearance of your breasts at that time and seek in-person consultation with well experienced plastic surgeons if necessary.

Best wishes.

Breast tissue does not grow back

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Unfortunately, breast tissue will not regrow. It is unfortunate that you had recurrent infections requiring removal of the implant. Scar revision could be performed going forward but, if you have had repeated issues with implants, then having another augment might be ill advised. I would also counsel patience and waiting prior to making a decision as to future surgery.

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