Breast Implant Removal, 1 Week Later. Severe Muscle Pain on One Side.

I had implants put in 2 years ago, under the muscle. just got them out. pain has been tolerable and going away slowly. but yesterday and today morning upon waking i raised my right arm up to yawn and stretch (which really woke me up) and it feels like i pulled something it hurt so bad. the pain subsided eventually yesterday, but it still hurts to do basic stuff (kinda like the day after surgery). did i do permanent damage to my muscle by doing that? (i will sleep with my arm in a sling tonight)

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I would doubt it

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It is hard to tell without examining you, but if you don't have any abnormal swelling on that side or redness indicating infection it would be hard to think of any permanent damage you could have done. Hope you get better, but if not return to your surgeon. Good luck, Dr T

Damage to Muscle after Breast Implant Removal?

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Thank you for the question.

It is extremely unlikely that any real harm has been done. I would suggest the use of anti-inflammatories ( if okayed by your surgeon) as well as a period of rest. Continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon, who after direct examination, will be in the best position to advise and/or provide reassurance.

Best wishes.

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