Breast Implant Removal and Subsequent Fat Transfer to Resulting Pocket

I plan to have a B.A. soon using implants, but I know one day they will have to be removed. I am doubtful I would want to replace them at that pt, as it seems like it would be a never-ending, prohibitively expensive and not-to-mention painful, disfiguring cycle. Thus, I am curious whether one can avoid a "deflated" look by transferring an adequate volume of fat to that area following removal. It seems the fat survival rate would be higher than w/ a person who never had implants...

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Fat for implants

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Following your logic you would have fat grafting and never get involved with implants. However, should you wish to live out your aforementioned scenario, i can tell you that In patients with implants who desire removal i have performed fat grafting and they end up the same size with fat. See Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio

Fat grafting to the breasts

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Fat grafting is still fairly new with regard to augmenting breasts. It is often used for contour deformities from breast cancer surgery.  Adding fat to a breastto give it substanttial volume usually requires a series of treatments  over several months time.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Fat grafts after explantation.

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Hello from Miami,

Reading your concerns, I don't know if you should have an augmentation with implants to begin with. If you foresee such a negative future from having an augmentation, Why do it?? Transferring fat to the breast after removing the implants is a staged procedure that allows for the "pocket" to heal first. Then you must have enough body fat to fill the breast tissue. If the fat is placed into the pocket, it will not have any blood supply to adhere to, and die. The results can be devastating,

Good luck,


Fat grafting to the breast

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Fat grafting to the breast usually takes more than one operation and usually results in fairly modest size increase (on average 100 to 200 cc per breast) and the cost can be pricey so you better do your homework before you commit to that course of action!

Marcel Daniels, MD
Long Beach Plastic Surgeon

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