Breast Implant Removal with out Replacement? (photo)

Hello i'm 25 yr old got a single 277cc saline breast implant in my right breast to correct a server asymmetric breasts. Its been six years and 50lbs lost since my surgery and now my implant is much larger than my natural breast. I would like to have the implant removed, If must be asymmetric i'd rather be natural then artificial. Do you think my insurance would cover the removal? (They covered the original surgery.) Do you think my breast will appear deflated? Thank you for your time.

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Removal of saline implants after weight loss

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You would be likely to have some looseness and sagging in the right breast after removing the implant, but you are young enough, and hopefully your breast tissue will contract some and you will have a satisfactory appearance.  As far as the insurance company covering the implant removal, logic would dictate that they would, but insurance companies are notorious for flying in the face of logic.  It would be best for you to obtain preauthorization from your insurance carrier, or check benefits prior to surgery, and if you can't do this on your own, ask your surgeon to assist with a letter of medical necessity or a request for preauthorization.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implant Removal

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Well congrats on your weight loss as it is very difficult to achieve. Removing the implant on the right will certainly lead to a higher degree of symmetry from what you have now. You may benefit from tightening of the skin as well which may be performed at the same time of your implant removal.

In terms of getting this covered from an insurance stand point I would recommend requesting pre-authorization. I have am often very surprised by what an insurance company will and will not pay for. In addition be persistent with your insurance company and they may better understand the issue if you call and ask why they turned down coverage. I can attest to the fact that persistent patients tend to achieve more in terms of coverage. Best of luck!

Khurram Rashid, MD
Peoria Plastic Surgeon
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Deflated Breast

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Thank you for your photograph.  Removal of your breast implant will leave you somewhat deflated but you are you there may be some amount of tightening to occur which would help even the breasts out.

Dr. ES

Implant removal and breast asymmetry

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Implant removal surgery is not covered for this condition. You will in all likelihood need to pay for it yourself.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Removal of Breast Implant and Results/ Insurance Coverage?

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 Congratulations on your weight loss!  Given your history and photograph, removal of the breast implant should go a long way to help improve breast symmetry. The breast involved will certainly seem “deflated” compared to its current size and shape;   however, after several months of skin contraction, you may be pleasantly surprised about the improvement in breast symmetry you experience.

 Online consultants will not be able to answer your insurance related question with any degree of accuracy;  you will need to contact the company, hopefully with the assistance of your plastic surgeon, to seek “authorization”.

 Best wishes.

Breast Implant Removal with out Replacement?

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Your choice seems sensible. Whether your carrier will decide about insurance coverage. Removal can be done under local anesthesia and should be quite reasonable if your carrier declines payment. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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