Breast Implant Removal Outcome?

I recently had breast implants put in from my size A and went to a C. It has almost been one year and am looking to remove them because I am not satisfied and would like to go back to my previous looks. What would the outcome most likely be?

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Implant removal

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The outcome from implant removal will depend on how much tissue you have, the amount of skin stretching that has occurred and how the surgery is performed.  It is possible to achieve a nice outcome with implant removal alone.

Breast implant removal

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In my experience, an internal lift is needed after explantation and capsule removal when the base of the breast is too large, the projection is too little, or the nipple is not in the correct position.  This is more likely to occur when the implants are over the muscle, when the implants are over 300cc, or when the skin is in poor shape especially with stretch marks.  Sometimes a donut or lower pole skin excision is also needed.

Appearance of Breasts Following Implant Removal

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                  It may be difficult to predict the appearance of a woman’s breasts following implant removal.  In some cases breast sag may develop and breast lift surgery may be necessary to obtain an aesthetically attractive breast.

                  The post-operative physical examination may be helpful in making this determination.  The presence of a nipple areola complex that sets below the infra-mammary fold, poor skin tone and a high ratio of implant volume to native breast tissue volume all suggest that breast lift surgery may be necessary.

Breast sag following explantation is more likely in patients who have had multiple pregnancies, have breast fed, have had weight fluctuations and have had implants for longer periods of time.  When implants are large and placed on top of the muscle the incidence of breast sag following implant removal is higher as well.

If you’re considering removal of your breast implants, consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is appropriate.  This surgeon should be able to determine the likelihood of breast lift following implant removal based on your physical examination.

Removal of breast implants

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You can have your implants removed and go back close to your previous size.  However, your breasts and skin have been stretched, and the breasts may be more saggy now. If you like, you may also have a lift to retighten the breasts.  I would suggest discussing this with a board certified plastic surgeons.

Breast implant removal

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It is unclear how your body will respond to implant removal. In some patients the breasts look okay. The more tissue and the smaller the implants the better.


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Some women have no problem with sag after breast  implant removal without replacement. Others sag somewhat and desire a lift. The results vary unfortunately.


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John Di Saia MD

John P. Di Saia, MD
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Breast implant removal will make breast look different

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If most of your current augmented breast volume is composed of implant, then your breasts will have some laxity for a period of time after implant removal. If your tissues are youthful and elastic, some of this laxity may recover on its own. You might need a lift. Your surgeon will help sort these issues out.

The outcome of breast implant removal

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It really depends on the proportion between you breast tissue and implant volume. If there is more breast tissue than implant and the implant is not very large you should have a good result after implant removal. If the implant is very big in proportion to the original breast size, a mastopexy might be necessary. You can also replace with another implant.

Aesthetic result after breast implants are removed

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The breast implants that had been placed have stretched out the tissue around them. When the implant is removed you will notice some sagging of the breast. If this displeases you, you may choose to have another implant put in its place or to receive a small breast lift.

Implant Removal

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Unfortunately, removing your current implants may leave you with sagging loose skin. If you want to avoid further scarring from a lift you may want to consider the removal. Due to the elasticity of your skin, a "C" cup has caused the skin to stretch and thin out. However, I have had some patients who's skin has bounced back after implant removal.

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