En Bloc Surgery for Breast Implant Removal?

Do I need to have an "en bloc" surgery to have my silicone breast implants removed? Thank you for your time!

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En bloc implant removal

I try to remove the implant with the capsule if possible in the appropriate situations.  But I do  not always remove the capsules that are soft and not problematic.

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En Bloc breast implant removal

Breast implants can certainly be removed(explantation) under local anesthesia.

In regards to the capsule:

1. There is some controversy among surgeons if this should be removed and this is difficult to perform under local.
2. Over the muscle capsules are easier to remove than under the muscle capsules
3. With saline implants in which there is minimal capsule, i have left in place.
4.With saline implants that have a severe, thickened or infected capsule, I will attempt to remove all or significant portions of the capsule
5.In instances incwhich there may be concern about pathology such as Atypcial Lymphoma, I will remove signficant portions of the capsule
6.With intact silicone implants of relatively short term duration (,<5 years) I will leave these in place
7.Wtih silicone implants of long term duration with thickened capsules I will attempt removal of the capsules
8.In ruptured intracapsular silicone implants, I will attempt en bloc resection.
9.In ruptured extracapsular silicone implants, I will attempt en bloc resection in combination with involved tissues

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Capsule may need to be removed as well

The term 'en bloc' refers to the process of removing the implant intact as well as the capsule of scar tissue. If you have implants that were inserted before 1992 then chances are that you may require a capsulectomy to remove the envelope of scar tissue that can form around the implant.

Robert Vitolo, MD
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A simple explant should do

If you have the current FDA-approved silicone gel implants, removal should consist of opening your orininal incision and removing the implants. I can not tell you if you will need more surgery than that. It will depend on how much laxity you have of your breast tissue. You may need drains for a few days but it should not require removal of your breast tissue.

Dr Edwards

Michael C. Edwards, MD, FACS
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