What to Expect from Breast Implant Removal of 180cc Gummy Bear?

Hello! I am 24 years old, and I had my Breast Augmentation 2 months ago with 180cc gummy bear implants. It was a very sudden decision which I now regret. I was 32AA before (very thin) and I'd like to go back to it so I'm considering removal. I had small but perky breasts before and I was wondering if I can go back to it?

What changes should I expect? Thank you.

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Implant removal

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You certainly  can have your implants removed, however theere is no guarantee that they will go back to their original look.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant removal (explantation) and the appearance of the breast

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I recently removed ive the mplants on a patient with a similar situation and 1 week after surgery, she is delighted with her decision. Clearly you will have the scar as a reminder but with implants this small, your breasts should be a close facsimile of their preoperative appearance.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Removing implants. Will I look like I did before?

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Short answer:  For you at age 24 (I'm assuming no pregnancies/kids) with small breast implants placed only 2 months ago, you'll likely look close to your pre surgery state. BUT if you had a constricted or tubular breast, the shape may be different.  I don't know what your shape was, your skin tone, etc.

Longer answer: Breasts change over time when you DON'T have implants in, so of course they will change when you do have implants in.  How much they change is all over the map.

  1. how old are you?
  2. what is your skin tone?
  3. have you had kids? breastfed? for how long? how many kids?
  4. weight changes?
  5. how big are the implants?
  6. are they in front of or behind the muscle?
  7. how long have they been in?
  8. are you droopy with them in?

The poorer your skin tone, the older you are, the more stretchy your natural skin, the bigger and longer the implants have been in, etc etc, the more change you will have.  The more change, the less likely they will look like the perky little breasts you had prior to implants. 

Lauren Greenberg, MD
Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon

Breast augmentation with gummy bear implants

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Fortunately your 180 cc implants are small.  You can have your implants removed and the capsule around the implants closed internally with a few sutures.  This will expedite healing and help with the tissue retraction of the breast.  You may need to have a drain in the space for a week or so. 

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