Breast Implant Moves when I Run? (photo)

Augmented 4 months ago. When I flex my muscles, left side has a dent on inner bottom corner and implant bulges out. right side I can feel the implant on the bottom side of my breast - and it is worse when I bend over. when I run I can feel / hear a rasping noise - I think the implant is moving up and down. If I put my hand on my breast then the feel/noise stops.. Also, the muscle hurts/stings when I put pressure on it from the side. The pain is coming from the bottom of the implant.

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Implant Moving when running

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Perhaps the implant(s) has/have become displaced.  Sometimes displacement of a breast implant can impinge upon nerves in the chest or near the armpit, and this can be the source of new-onset pain.  You need an evaluation by your plastic surgeon to determine the cause of these new symptoms.  If a breast implant has indeed shifted position, surgical modification of the breast pocket can correct the problem. 

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Implant issue with running

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Without an exam, it is difficult to say what the problem may be.  Thanks for the photos, but it is difficult to assess it from this one view.

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Breast Implant Moves when I Run?

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What you so expertly describe is a sub muscular placed implant issue. Best to see you surgeon to discuss in detail. 

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