Right Breast Implant Won't Move As Much

Hi, I am only 18 days post-op from my breast augmentation. I had 325cc saline submuscular implants via the armpits. I've been instructed to massage my breasts by holding them at the bottom and pushing them up so that the implants are pushed near the collarbone in order to keep the pockets open. However, I can't push the right up as much as my left one. There is perhaps about an inch of a difference in height. Should I be worried? My left is sitting higher than my right if that helps.

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Breast implants and breast assymetry

At just 18 days post breast augmentation, you are still in the early post operative period  and  the breast implant pockets will probably continue to change with time.  You can help improve the symmetry by regularly doing breast massage.  I usually suggest doing the massage at least three times daily for the first six weeks after the surgery.  If one side feels tighter or the implant sits higher on the chest, do more massage on the tighter/higher side.  Check with your surgeon as he/she may want to consider giving you an anti-inflammatory medication such as singulair.  Although this is an off label use of the drug, it can sometimes help in cases of capsular contracture.

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Tight Breast Implants: Should I Be Worried?

Breast implants will feel somewhat tight during the first few weeks after surgery and it is not unusual for the two breasts to behave somewhat differently during this recovery. A difference in mobility of one inch only 18 days after surgery does not sound like something to worry about. However,  you should check with your plastic surgeon. Long-term tighness of one or both breasts is another matter as it may signal a capsular contracture, in which the normal shell of scar tissue that covers all breast implants has tightened or thickened. In most cases, the cause of capsular contracture is unknown but the two leading suspects are low-grade infection or post-operative bleeding. Treatment normally requires a second procedure to remove the abnormal capsule and place a new implant.

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Augmentation mammaplasty with one side high

Augmentation mammoplasty through an "armpit" access in a submuscular plane have a tendency of the implant to ride high.  At 18 days after surgery, you can use external garments to help guide positioning of the implant into a lower and more desirable symmetric position.  It would be wise to articulate your concerns with your surgeon.  

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Asymmetry after breast implant placement

You are still early in the post op period and things should improve with regular massage.  Your surgeon may suggest an elastic band with more pressure placed on the affected side to enhance implant descent.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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