Breast Implant Malposition or Nerve Pain? Taking Gabapentin but Doesn't Help Pain.

Had capsulorraphy, have shoulder blade pain and under breast pain. taking Gabapentin and doesn't feel any different. Could it be something else? malposition? or both nerve and malposition? if it was nerve would I feel better taking the Gab? is malposition painful? one breast has throbbing pain not sure how nerve pain or malposition feel.

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Breast Implant Malposition or Nerve Pain?

A photo would help if malposition is possible. However that in itself is not a likely cause for the pain you are experiencing. There is not enough info here to deal with the questions. Time course is not stated, how long and what dose of gabapentin, etc. Please repost with more info, though I must say that the internet is not a likely source of a solution to this problem. All the best. 

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