Can I Have a Breast Implant Without a Lift?

Hi i am a 38 yr old women who has breast feed her children, they are now teenagers, i am not planning to have any more children. I am really interested in getting breast implants But i dont really want to have a lift if i can avoid. i am now a size ?a cup and would like to go to C cup, natural looking. I realise i have some degree of breast droop (ptosis) . any suggstions??

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It's your decision

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As the other plastic surgeons have pointed out, from an anatomic stand point you are a better candidate for a lift and an augmentation.  However, You will have larger, more full looking breasts with an augmentation alone.  Why not have the operation you want first, the augmentation.  Then add the lift later if you decide it doesn't quite give you the look you want.  Just understand that the end result without the lift with be attractive, but not as round and full, as it would with the lift added.  I'm sure you will enjoy it either way.

Ann Arbor Plastic Surgeon
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Candidate for breast implant with mastopexy

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You appear to be a good candidate for breast augmentation with a limited mastopexy (breast lift) to improve the ptosis. A breast lift would involve lifting the nipple–areola complex and provide a firm, tightened look. The type of mastopexy (circumareolar versus vertical) will best be determined after direct physical exam. The implants would help provide fullness and volume. Clear communication with your plastic surgeon is important in achieving the desired goals of the patient.  I like to communicate with patients with “goal” pictures.  During surgery, I use temporary sizers to determine the size/profile that will give the patient the look she is looking for.

On this site, I do my best to give advice without a physical examination but I want you to know that a physical examination by a board certified physician is always the best way to get the most accurate information.

Breast implants without a lift

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In your anatomical case, a lift is indicated and will give a better result with the nipple higher and the skin envelope tightened.  But you can certainly choose to do an implant alone and give it 6 months.  If you don't like the lower position your breasts will sit on the implants you can always do the lift then.

Staging breast augmentation and breast lift

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Based on your photos and your reluctance to have a breast lift I would recommend first having subpectoral breast augmentation alone. You will then see how the implants settle over the next six months and at that time, you and your plastic surgeon can decide to do a lift if needed. The reason to "stage" the two procedures is that your anatomy is borderline for a breast lift. I feel that most patients end up having a better result in your case if it's done in two stages. This is also safer from a blood supply standpoint.

A board certified plastic surgeon can evaluate you and determine which appproach is best suited for you.

Best wishes,


William Bruno, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Augmentation without lift

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The very best result will be obtained by a lift as well as an augmentation.  These two procedures can be performed seperately or at the same time.  If you undergo a breast augmentation alone without an implant it will be important to place the implant in the ideal location above your lower breast fold and to not try to correct the need of a lift by placing it lower.  A breast augmentation without a lift will result in improved size, upper pole fullnes, and improved cleavage.  The lower half of your breasts will not be corrected since this requires a lift.  Essentially an breast augmentation without a lift will make you look great in clothes but not ideal when nude.  There are no bridges burned however, and you could undergo a lift at a second procedure if the augmenation result alone are not ideal.  My professional preference is to perform both the augmentation and the lift at the same time.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Yes, a lift seems indicated

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Based upon your photo, you do have a fair amount of loose skin.  A breast augmentation will add volume to the breast and tighten the skin slightly. Unless you choose a huge implant, I suspect the skin will still have some laxity and remaining ptosis, (hanging).  Most patients with your type of skin and breast require both enlargement and lifting to provide the best result. 

James H. Schmidt, MD (retired)
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon

I would not recommend

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Based on your photos and the fact that your nipples/areolas are below your inframammary folds I personally would not recommend an augmentation with no lift.  I place my implants under the muscle and in your case you would have an implant sitting higher on the chest wall under the pectoral muscle and then a small hanging breast below.  I do not believe you would be happy with this type of result.

Renato Saltz, MD
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon
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