Will a Warranty Cover The Implant and Partial Costs if Breast Implants are Leaking?

I had my aug 6/99. Saline,but I'm not sure of the brand.About 3 years ago,my right breast seemed smaller so I went to my surgeon to discuss if it were possibly leaking.He said it was not.It kept getting smaller, but not terribly noticeable.I went back to him before my 10 year anniversary to again inquire it it may be leaking and again he said it was not.Over the past few days,my right breast has gotten about a cup size smaller.Wondering if the warranty will cover the implant and partial costs?

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Breast implant warranty

I believe that each of the major three implant companies in the US (Allergan, Mentor, and Sientra) offer a lifetime warranty on their implants for mechanical disruption or rupture. They will replace the ruptured implant and the contralateral implant if you want. They will also assist in some of the cost of surgery, anesthesia, etc based on when you purchased the implant and whether or not you paid for their premium service.

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Thank you for your question. 

If you have the previous surgeon's office number, it may be a good idea to call and get information regarding the type of breast implant you have and then you can probably call the breast implant company to see if they can give you more information regarding a deflation and any finances that could be refunded to you.  

In the event of a qualifying deflation of a saline filled breast implants or rupture of a silicone gel breast implant, they will replace the product free of charge (for the lifetime of the patient).  Regarding the financial assistance to return to the operating room to replace the implant  -The breast implant companies offer financial assistance within 10 years from the date of implantation.  The assistance includes $1200 stipend to help pay for  some of the anesthesia / operating room costs.  There is an enhanced warranty that will take the stipend amount to $2200 to also help with surgical fees.

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Breast implant leakage and warranty coverage.

It is unlikely that your implants are under warranty 12 years out of surgery. A simple phone call to your original surgeon or the manufacturer can clarify this for you.

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Implant Warranty

Each company is different, and you should check with the surgeon's office that did the orginal surgery. It is possible that they still have your records.  If that is not possible, then your only option is to have the implant removed, if it is indeed deflated.  Then you could submit paper work on the deflated implant after your surgery, and perhaps be reimbured for some of your costs.

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Breast implant warranty

You should communicate with your surgeon and find out the brand you have.  You can call the company and inquire.  I imagine they will cover a new implant at this point but not any monetary reimbursement to you.

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You have a leaky implant, needs to be replaced, outside warranty.

Sorry, but the warranty has expired.  The standard warranty in 1999 was for 5 years, unless you purchased additional protection, so it expired in 2004. 

If your breast has dropped this much smaller, almost certainly you have a leak.  So you will need to have your implants replaced, unfortunately without a warranty.  However, the manufacturer will always provide a replacement implant (or two) at no charge for a leak.  So you should get a little price break for this surgery. 

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