One Breast Implant is Dropping More, Looks Uneven and is Poking Me. Why Did This Happen & How Can It Be Fixed? (photo)

I had my surgery 2 years ago & my left breast looks normal, but in the past months, the right one started to drop lower that the left one & it also looks more leaning to the outside. They look very uneven and the worst part is that the one dropping is poking me. I can feel the border of the implant. It doesn't look rounded anymore & it hurts a lot. My implants are silicone. Under the muscle. Could it turned over or broke? I always used bras and to sleep, sport bras. How could this be happening?

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Change in shape after augmentation

There are always differences between two breasts. As one of my colleagues says, they are sisters not twins. However, it sounds like there has been a change in one of your breasts recently. There are a number of things that can cause this from capsular contracture to normal aging of the tissues. You should see your plastic surgeon who can evaluate you and determine what is best to do. Good luck to you.

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Breast Implant position

The implant is not " turned over" or "broke". It may be folded, and that may be the reason you don't feel it round anymore.

You are feeling the implant because the tissue in the lower part of the breast has gotten thinner over the last 2 years.

Thinning(Atrophy) of the tissue in the lower part of the breast happens to every patient, but not all patients will feel the implant. This does depend on how thin the patient is before and after surgery. Also, on how the PS closes the incision, if is a crease(inframammary fold) incision.

I recommend you following up with your PS.

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Breast asymmetry post breast augmentation

You will not have perfectly even breasts; they simply don't exist.

So the question is where to draw the line.

If you do decide to have surgery, with all its risks and benefits, your procedure would likely include some type of lift to make the pockets more similar, and potentially address areolar size as well.

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