One Breast Implant Wont Drop (Right Side)? (photo)

Hi, I have 3 weeks and 3 day with my new breast implants, and one side (right) wont drop, and I am very concerned. ... this is normal?

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High Implant at 3 wks Postop

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What I can gather from your photo is that you are thin with preop sagging breast.It seems that  your Plastic Surgeon put in sizable submuscular implants for both size and lifting. It is very common for large implants to drop differentially, in your case left before right. You should be massaging to move the right one down. My guess is that over the next 3 months the high right might be the more attractive of the two. You need much more time to declare victory or defeat.

Hoover Plastic Surgeon

One breast not dropping...

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It is not unusual for one breast to take a bit longer. Discuss this with your surgeon and see if he or she recommends a bra band and/or self  massage. Either way, I would give it a few more months to see what happens.





Right versus left drop?

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It can be normal to have one side drop faster than the other. Thanks for posting and sharing your concerns with photos. At three weeks out from surgery, it may be that your breast implants are not completely dropping at the same rate. Techniques for dropping the breast implants include the use of a breast band and massaging. I suggest you discuss these concerns with your plastic surgeon and seek their guidance as you continue to heal. Best wishes. Dr. Aldo.

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Implant should drop and fullness will decrease

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Thanks for your pic and ?. It looks like the right side has more fullness in the upper pole. One possibility is that your muscle on the right might be bigger and therefore have more swelling. If that breast was slightly larger ahead of time, then that too can account for it. Hang in there, it should improve.

Asymmetric settling of implants

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is common but you should be discussing this with your surgeon for advice on how to best manage this and to minimize the asymmetry in your final results.  Overall, you look good but symmetry will make them even better. 

One Breast Implant Wont Drop (Right Side)? (photo)

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No. do aggressive superior to inferior massages, external ultrasound a unilateral banding. Or if truly "stuck" re operation. 

High Implant

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Three weeks is still very early . The final breast shape may not be reached for 4 or more months . Keep working to massage that implant down and don't wear anything that pushes your breasts up and you may get there all by yourself .


Terrence Scamp

Terrence Scamp, MBBS, FRACS
Gold Coast Plastic Surgeon

Implant still too high at 3 weeks

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At three weeks one implant still is high. It may take a few months for this to improve. Give it more time and discuss this with your surgeon.

It will get better

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One side always looks better than the other for the first month. Hopefully, you were instructed to wear a band on the upper pole of the breast all the time as well as downward pressure massage toward the belly button. You may have had a sizable hematoma on the right which is just taking its time to resolve. Whatever is going on, it will look better in another 2 months. It is always possible the breast will require further treatment.

Joshua B. Hyman, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

3 weeks post breast augmentation and one will not drop?

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This is very common after breast augmentation, especially if your implants were placed under the muscle.  I always reassure my patients that the implants will drop at their own rate, and at different times. Patience is the most important thing at this time. Usually you can expect a final result at about 4 - 6 months. I strongly recommend you check with your plastic surgeon with respect to wether he/she recommends massage or not.  I typically do not think it is required, but it can help with hypersensitivity issues if you are having them. Patience, patience, patience!

Best of luck,

Jennifer Harrington MD


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