Will I Need Breast Lift with Implant Downsizing?

I had a breast augmentation over a year ago. I was an A cup, and got a moderate silicone 225cc. I'm very petite, so I didn't want to go that big. I still wanted to look kind of flat, but with little very little cleavage. So, I want to get smaller implants, but I don't want to get a breast lift. I'm only 26, and I'm hoping I won't need it. Will I need a breast lift? What implant size should I go for? Thanks.

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Needing a breast lift after implant removal.

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Thanks for the question -

This can be very difficult to answer. It depends on the laxity of your skin, the amount of ptosis (sag) you had prior to your breast augmentation and the position and shape of your implants.

Many patients do need a lift after removal of implants but some patients with smaller implants (like yours) can get away without it.

It also depends somewhat on the amount of sag you're willing to tolerate.

Your best bet is to probably have the implants removed and wait 6 months and see what you think.

I hope this helps.

Downsizing May Require a Lift

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For a relatively small change in volume, a lift may not be necessary.

The factors:

  • the amount of the reduction
  • the degree of drooping you already have
    • is the nipple below the height of the breast crease?
    • is there a lot of breast below the height of the breast crease?
  • the laxity (elasticity) of your skin and breast tissues

Having a clear idea of the volume change you seek will help your surgeon help you decide if the surgery is worth it and whether a lift is likely to be necessary.

Breast implants or Natural Breast enhancment with fat grafting

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You certainly may look saggy after removing or downsizing an implant. However, a 225 cc implant can't be downsized that much. For instance, downsizing to a 150 cc implant is about the limit before they are too small to make a nice improvement.

My suggestion is to remove the implants and consider a softer, more natural augmentation with fat grafing to the breast. My choice technique is to use the Viafill fat transfer system.

You probably do not need a lift.

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Hi! 225 cc implants are not huge. So I don't think going smaller will create so much looseness that you will need a lift.

You may be happy with 150 cc or 175 cc implants. Show your surgeon a picture of what you want to look like.

Then I recommend using a disposable implant SIZER during surgery. That way, your surgeon can try different volumes and see which is the best size for you BEFORE opening the permanent implants. This takes the guess work out. A sizer costs only $45, so it is a very good investment.

Also, I recommend using moderate PLUS profile implants rather than moderate profile. The "moderates" are underfilled and can cause rippling, specially in thin women.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Breast Lift needed

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If you desire only a small change, then a breast lift may not be necessary. A physical examination and thorough discussion of your lifestyle, lifestage, and goals are necessary before a proper recommendation can be made.

Breast lift not always necessary when having a large breast implant with a smaller one.

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From your description, I doubt that you will need a breast lift with implant exchange.  Your present implant is relatively small and removal, even without any replacement, will probable leave a normal appearing breast.

Breast lift needed with a breast implant removal

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Most of the time, downsizing of breast implants should be accompanied by a breast lift.  In some cases, the breast lift can be short-scar, which minimizes scarring.

Breast lift after implant downsizing

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There are many factors that determine whether or not you will need a breast lift when exchanging larger implants for smaller ones. You should discuss your wishes with your plastic surgeon, and make sure you understand what options you have depending on your particular physical characteristics.

Olivia Hutchinson, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

Breast lift with implant exchange

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When you are exchanging a breast implant for a smaller size, the overlying skin and tissue of the breast may sag. To help this, a small breast lift may be necessary. The smaller the implant you ultimately choose, the more skin you will have remaining. Keep this in mind when selecting your implant. Your plastic surgeon should discuss these options with you and review the different breast implant techniques that may be necessary to have a smaller breast with a nice contour.

Breast Implant downsizing

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While you do not have a very large implant, if you want to downsize you may possibly need a lift. Since you are young there is a good chance youmay not need a lift, but without examining you, I couldn't know.

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