Breast Implant Rupture - Self-Detection

Is There a Breast Implant That Would Alert a Woman That It Had Ruptured? For example, an implant that released a chemical that would alert the user to it's leak

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Detection of rupture

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Detecting an implant rupture would depend on which type of implant you have. A saline ruptured implant is simple to detect due to a decrease in breast size or a change in breast shape. For silicone-gel implants, an MRI is recommended every few years to rule out any silent leak. There is no “chemical” leakage sign.

Breast implant rupture detection

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A ruptured saline implant is usually easy to detect for a patient and surgeon. A change in size is usually noticeable in a few days. A ruptured silicone implant will typically require an MRI for detection. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon if you suspect you may have a ruptured breast implant.

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Signs of Leaking Breast Implant

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The signs of a breast implant leaking depend on whether a silicone or saline implant were placed. With a silicone implant, typically the patient will notice a change in shape of one implant over a series of weeks. With a saline implant, usually the implant completely deflates over days/weeks. It is possible to have a slower saline leak, but it is rare. If you are concerned about a breast implant leak, please see a plastic surgeon as soon as possible. Often, it can be diagnosed in the office without additional tests/imaging.

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