Should I Be Concerned About my Breast Implants?

I had my breast implants done 2 years ago. But for the past couple of weeks, I had just begun to feel a discomfort in my left breast. It feels as if I have been hit by a softball, the implants were placed under the muscle and I cannot tell if there is anything to be concerned about. Please advise of warning signs that I should be aware of.

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You need to be evaluated

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You need to make an appointment with your treating plastic surgeon for an evaluation. If he/she is not available, then I would gather your records and any documents that you can find and make an appointment with a board certified/ eligible plastic surgeon who is experienced in breast surgery.

If your condition worsens, then I would report to an emergency room for immediate medical attention. In other words, don’t mess around; get seen! I wish you the very best!

Englewood Plastic Surgeon

Discomfort with breast implants can be capsular contracture.

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I doubt that it is anything serious but definitely see a plastic surgeon for evaluation of your breast implants. The most likely cause is a capsular contracture, and if that is mild, you don't need to do anything about it.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Breasts are painful

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It is difficult to say why your breasts feel like softballs. It could be a capsular contracture of something else. Did you have any trauma?

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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See your surgeon

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You could have some contracture (scarring) or just a bruise in there. You should have your surgeon examine you to help figure out what might be wrong.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

You should see your doctor

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Without examining you or seeing photographs, it is very difficult to give you specific advice. In any case, you should see your surgeon for an evaluation.

It could be several things. An exam is necessary.

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bt_sutton: Your symptoms may be late changes in healing nerves, development of scar contracture, late fluid or blood collection, or they may be completely unrelated to the prior breast surgery. They may have to do with you breast glandular tissue: hormonal effects, cyst, tumor, etc. They may be from an unrecognized injury.

Seeing your plastic surgeon should help evaluate the implant, then you may need to see your gynecologist or other primary care physician. Their history and physical examinations should help you get your answers.

Sutton Graham II, MD
Greenville Plastic Surgeon

Go back to your surgeon for a check

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As long as your implants look the same and don't feel as though they are getting harder, you are probably fine and just have some nerve irritations. But you should be seen by your surgeon for an exam and be sure to get a mammogram.

Need an evaluation to be sure all is fine

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As previously mentioned, it could be an early capsular contracture, but it is impossible to diagnose without an examination. The best advice to is have your plastic surgeon evaluate and discuss with you.

Brian J. Lee, MD
Fort Wayne Plastic Surgeon
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Not to worry

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What you are describing does not sound like a life or health threatening situation. It sounds to me more like you might be developing a contracture. Is that breast firmer than the other side?

I would recomment that you schedule at your convenience, a visit with the plastic surgeon.

Seeing your surgeon is the best solution

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It is difficult to determine the cause of your discomfort without and exam. You could be describing a simple injury to your muscle which should heal without any intervention, or start of capsular contracture or a benign breast lump. The best way to proceed is to return to your surgeon and have an examination to determine if you need further testing such as an ultrasound for further evaluation.

Bahram Ghaderi, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

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