Should I Not Wear the Strap if I Want Breast Implants to Stay High?

Upgrades on the 8th. 10yrs ago i had 300cc and 275cc. started with 36b natural sag. as I've gotten older and my own tissue has loosened/sag I was losing the fullness and ready to go for a fullness again. We went with high profile saline 525cc and 550cc I am 5ft 122lbs 45 yrs old in great shape, athletic/curvy. They look great so far. I like them high for fear of sagging to soon, so should I wear this strap for 2 weeks 24/7 or does that have anything to do with it? Ie:"drop"

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Keeping your implants high

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If we could figure this out, we probably could not have to perform breast lifts. However for those who do not desrie descent of the implant, i generally try to keep the pocket tight and therefore do not recommend my typical exercises or band and will encourage use of a very supportive bra as much as possible (even to bed)

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Bra strap for implants

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You shold really check with your surgeon regarding whether or not to wear a garment to maintain a specific position for your implants. I rarely use them.

Steven Wallach, MD
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