Breast Fold Doesnt Look the Same! Looks Pinched After Revision for Bottoming Out? (photo)

I bottomed out of my implants and more on one side. I had the one side corrected and my breast looks worse then before. I had surgery two weeks ago and my crease and breast shape looks horrible! When I look at bottoming out before and after photos the breasts always looks fixed in the after... right after surgery. That's why Im confused as to why the shape, fold, and projection look totally different. Has any one seen this? What caused this? Any suggestions?

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Asymmetery after revision

your left fold is much higher than the right now.  you are at two weeks so you might see some dropping/settleing.  i would not consider doing anything else for at elast 3 months.

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Breast Augmentation Revision


You have two different shaped breasts after your revision.  Each breast I believe is nice individually but they need to be the same.  It sounds like you prefer the left breast which has a fuller lower pole (mature appearing breast).  You should talk to your PS about the the possibility of revising left breast.  

Dr. ES

Asymmetry of the breast will require another operation.

The position of the implants on your chest is asymmetric.  The right implant rests higher than the left.  Is the left breast firmer than the right?  You might have a contracture on the left side if that is the case.  Otherwise, there is an asymmetric placement of the implants that will need surgical correction.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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