Can Breast Fillers Like Aqualift/ Macrolane Affect Breastfed Babies?

Hi. I have undergone a breast filler Aqualift treatment in 2009. And have given birth and breastfed my baby for one year now.B4 breastfeeding I did check with the doctor who did my treatment,if i can safely breastfeed. She said ok But this week,my 1yr old baby is suspected of having UTI. Now waiting for the urine test results.I'm very worried that the breast filler I had 2 years ago have entered my milk ducts and baby has been consuming it. Scared if that's the case, will harm her kidney.

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Can Breast Fillers Like Aqualift/ Macrolane Affect Breastfed Babies

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Aqualift is an Ukranian produced polyacrylamide hydrogel which is sold by some Europeans, in Middle East (Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain), Brazil and South-East Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea etc.). Neither Macrolane (Swedish product) nor Aqualift are approved for use in the US.

With your treatment preceding the birth of your 1 year old by a year it is unlikely it had caused serious congenital malformations. Such anomalies are diagnosed MUCH earlier than a year after birth especially when affecting major systems such as the genitourinary system.  A urinary tract infection is not rare among children and may have nothing to do with your 2 year old procedure.  I would mention it to your Pediatrician and if you really seek assurance have him re-examine the child or have him/her refer you to a pediatric nephrologist.

Good Luck.

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