Could Breast Feeding Have Reduced by Breast Size Permanently? (photo)

I have always been a very slim girl but i had reasonable sized breasts before my pregnancy and breast feeding. I breast fed twins for 13 months and find that my breasts are much smaller than before. Is this permanent? is there anything i can do to get them back to their original size or is breast augmentation the only solution? Will gaining weight help?

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Breast Feeding and Breast Atrophy

It is very common for breasts to permanently lose volume and develop some laxity after pregnancy and breast feeding. Weight gain can help if you normally gained volume/weight in the breasts with general weight gain in the past. Otherwise, the extra weight will go to an area other than the breasts. Sometimes, breast augmentation IS the only solution to get the breasts back to the original size.

Thank you for your question. Best of luck!

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Breast Augmentation After Childberth

Breast feeding and pregnancy change the size women's breasts.  If you are a women that when she gains weight will gain weight in her breasts then weight gain help to some degree. The best way to regain the size and shape of your breasts would be through breast augmentation.  Visit with board certified plastic surgeons to see if you are truly a candidate.


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Could Breast Feeding Have Reduced by Breast Size Permanently?

This doesn't happen to every nursing mother, but it is quite common. Gaining weight may result in some increase in breast size, but most of the gained weight will certainly go to areas where it will not be welcome. 

Breast augmentation is the only way to restore the lost volume.

Thanks for your question, and best wishes. 

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Will breast feeding shrink my breasts?

First of all, well done for breast feeding twins for 13 months - that is quite some feat! 

Unfortunately, all the good work your breasts have done for your children will have taken its toll on your breasts. 

Inevitably your breasts will be emptier and smaller than before. Putting on some weight may help (but not guaranteed) - otherwise some form of surgery (augmentation or fat grafting) is the only real solution. Finally, if your breasts are droopy and empty, it may be possible to perform a breast lift to tighten the skin and lift the nipple position.

The best advice can only be given to you in person, so if you want to take this further, please arrange to see an accredited plastic surgeon.

Good luck!


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Reduced Breast Size after Breast Feeding…

It sounds like you have experienced the very commonly seen changes with breasts after pregnancy;  involutional hypoplasia.  Women describe this phenomenon as breast “deflation”. Yes, this change is permanent;  weight gain may increase the size of breasts to some degree for some women  (unpredictablely).

 I hope this helps.

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Breast volume loss after pregnancy

Thank you for your question. It is not uncommon to lose breast volume after pregnancy, with or without breast feeding. he breast tissue can involute following the pregnancy, leaving the breasts smaller than they were. This can sometimes make the breasts look deflated.

Unfortunately, this volume loss is permanent. The only way that it can be improved is with a breast augmentation, with a breast implant replacing the lost volume. This can be a conservative size implant to fit your slim frame and look natural. Gaining weight can increase breast size, but this is unpredictable and will also affect the rest of your body, which you may not like.

Best of luck

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Breast volume change after pregnancy

Unfortunately, it sounds like you have post-partum involution of your breasts which probably will not get better with time. Usually the best solution to provide volume is by having implant surgery.

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Breast Feeding and Breast Size

The only way to regain your breast size is with breast implants.  This is very common with women who breast feed.  Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) to discuss your expectations and concerns.

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Sorry to say that once you lose your breast fullness you will not regain it back. Breast augmentation is your solution. That happens to most women after having kids and breast feeding. You can do a modest implant; it’s all about body proportion.



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