Does Breast Feeding Deform Breast Implant Shape?

If I choose to get breast implants, then a few years later I decide to try to breast feed, would I need to get another surgery, possibly a breast lift? Would the implants look deformed?

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Implants + pregnancy do NOT equal deform breasts. However, remember, your breasts are always changing.

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Breast implants are not at all incompatible with breast feeding. This is a well-established fact. 

What’s important to remember is your breasts are always changing. Pregnancy and nursing effect breast shape – with or without implants – as do weight fluctuations, medical history and the collective effects of gravity over time. 

At my practice, for implant patients who anticipate future pregnancies, I recommend implant placement under the pectoral muscle – as do most all board-certified plastic surgeons. With sub-muscular placement, nipple and breast glands and ducts are not directly impacted. I also advise an inframammary incision at the breast crease rather than the peri-areolar incision placement – to mitigate any chance of changes in nipple sensation or function. 

All the best to you. 

Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Shape After Breast Feeding and Breast Implants

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Breast feeding is a difficult and complex event that affects all women and specifically their breasts differently. The one thing it will not change is the implant itself, which will have the same characteristics as when if was first place. For example, if your breasts grow several sizes with pregnancy and breast feeding or you gain substantial weight then it is very likely you will have sagging afterwards and benefit from a breast lift or other mommy makeover procedures.

Breast implants and pregnancy

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If you get implants and then become pregnant, your breast shape may or may not change. Certainly the implants will not become distorted by this.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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It will not deform your implants

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It is impossible to predict how your breasts will change with breast-feeding. I have met patients who had implants who had minimal change in their breast shape after child-bearing and breast feeding and others who would benefot from a breast lift. Chances are the later women should have had a breast lift with their first surgery but chose not to. Chosing an appropriate sized implant to start with will help you as well.

Dr Edwards

Change in breast shape is possible after pregnancy

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Your situation is certainly not unique. We have many patients who have had a breast augmentation and later have successful pregnancies. Many women return to their pre-pregnancy shape and some do not. It is a matter of genetic tendency, hormonal influence and weight changes during the pregnancy. All can cause a change to the resulting breast shape. There is no good way to predict who will have these post pregnancy changes and who will not. In general those woman who have small breasts were not going to get very large for breast feeding anyway and usually go back to their pre pregnancy shape. If you have a larger size breasts then the change may be more likely. It is very hard to know for sure. There is also a theoretical increase risk for capsular contracture with breast feeding and pregnancy.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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No reason to withhold breast feeding

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Many patients in our Santa Rosa breast augmentation practice become pregnant and go on to breast feed. Very rarely does the breast feeding affect breast shape so much that secondary surgery is needed. Occasionally we see someone who wants a larger implant to fit her larger skin envelope, or someone who wants a true lift.

My advice would be to breastfeed if you could, as the health of the baby is most important. Any adjustments to your breasts should then wait until you have had all your kids. You may need no surgery at all or you may need a modest adjustment. Best of luck.

Francisco Canales, MD
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon
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Implants are not affected, but the breasts may be

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Breast feeding will not alter your implants in any way.  However, you may lose breast volume or tone and these could make you want to revise your augmentation and maybe need a new implant size or a lift.  The implant does not cause any of these problems nor does it prevent them. 

Breast feeding with breast implants

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Breast feeding will not cause an implant to deform and several studies state thatthat breast feeding per se does not cause loss of tone or drooping. In the end it all has to do with your genetics and the internal archetecture of the breast as it relates to the attachments to your skin "Brasierre"

Barry H. Dolich, MD (Retired)
Bronx Plastic Surgeon

Breast feeding should not harm breast augmentation shape

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The issue of just what effect breast feeding will have on the breast is a very important one to women who have breast implants and those who do not. Studies that I have reviewed indicate that the degree of ptosis or droop and laxity of the breast is not impacted by breast feeding. It seem genetics plays the major role. Some breasts are just programed to develop increasing ptosis over time, and unfortunately, some women just start out that way.

The second greatest influence on shape is excessive weight gain and loss. The expansion of the skin envelop with weight gain often persists after weight loss and the breast can become flaccid and unattractive without breast lift.

Pregnancy and breast feeding should not discourage you from considering breast augmentation. We recommend a good support or nursing bra, and with each pregnancy, watch your weight and make it a "fit" pregnancy.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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