Can Breast Feeding Cause Breast to Become Tuberous? (photo)

Before I got pregnant I was a 32 D and the only problem I had were inverted nipples. Now it has been 2 years and they are flat, saggy, and I look flat chested even with a bra on. Is it possible to develop tuberous breast after breast feeding?

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Breast feeding and breast deformity

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As my other colleagues have pointed out, your breast deformity is not tuberous, but caused by volume shrinkage as the glands and ducts atrophy set in after breastfeeding. Several options are available for correction depending on what you feel is needed. Volume, skin tightening, pure both?

Can Breast Feeding Cause Breasts to Become Tuberous?

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No, breast feeding cannot result in the formation of tuberous breasts.  This tuberous breast deformity is a specific congenital deformity that exists from adolescence.  Breast feeding can result in sagging (ptosis) and shrinking (atrophy) of the breast tissue, and in some occasions can lead to enlargement (hypertrophy) of the breasts.  The photo that you have shown seems to demonstrate some degree of atrophy with resultant upper pole flattening along with minimal ptosis.

Can Breast Feeding Cause Breast to Become Tuberous?

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No it is not possible to form a tuberous deformity from breast feeding. Best to seek in person evaluations to determine the plan of action for your breasts. 

Tuberous breasts after breast feeding

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No, it is not possible to develop tuberous breasts after breast feeding. You have a classic deflation after having children.

Breastfeeding does not cause tuberous breasts

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A tuberous breast deformity is a specific congenital abnormality.  You are either born with it or you are not.  Pregnancy and breastfeeding can certainly wreak havoc on your breasts, though.  It is very common to experience a loss of breast volume and sagging.  You could certainly consider breast implants to create fuller breasts.

Not possible to develop tuberous breasts other than developmentally

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Based on the photos your breasts are not tuberous. They may be smaller than you want them, but they are not tuberous.  I suspect you might desire breast augmentation, and maybe correction of inverted nipples. Best of luck to you.

?tuberous breasts??----no

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There are a number of features that define a tuberous breast:

  • Wide and puffy areolae
  • widely spaced breasts
  • high breast fold
  • constricted lower pole (deficient tissue in lower half of the breast
  • minimal breast tissue
  • narrow base of the breast.

These are congenital anomalies related to deficiency of the lower pole breast tissue. This is not something you can acquire if you don't already have it. 

None of the defining characteristics are present on the photo you have posted. Breast implants or fat grafting are likely to restore your appearance. Consult with a plastic surgeon in your area.  All the best.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Not tuberous

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You can't become tuberous if you weren't born that way.  To make you happy, you could consider a breast augmentation to restore volume, fullness, and tone.

Is it possible to have tuberous breast after pregnancy but not pre-pregnancy?

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A tuberous abnormality is congenital.  One would not have onset post-partum.  The tuberosity refers the the nipple areola complex being fuller and projecting outward and sometimes the breasts folds are also constricted medially.  Actually, post-partum, the breasts have been stretched and this may help tuberous breasts.  If there was a constricted inframammory fold pre-op, it may have elongated.  The nipple fullness probably would remain the same post-partum in tuberous breasts.  The symptoms of deflation of volume and skin laxity are certainly common descriptions of post-partum deflation.  Breast augmentation with an implant device may be the answer or if there is extreme laxity, one may need augmentation and a breast lift. 

If one has a tuberous deformity, it can be treated surgically with a very good outcome.  If the nipple is fuller, then a periareola mastopexy can correct but if there is medial constriction of the breast also, then an implant is usually placed to stretch and fill for a good contour.


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