Should I Wait Until After I've Had and Breast Fed Children Before Getting a Breast Reduction?

I am 20 and currently wearing a 32JJ or a 34J bra, I have been looking at getting a breast reduction but am unsure whether to wait until after i've had children or not. Mainly i'm worried that due to breast growth during pregnancy that I would need to have them reduced again afterwards

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Timing for a breast reduction surgery

Dear Traalene,  The timing for when to undergo a breast reduction is more complex than it often appears.  If nursing is very important to you and a key part of your desired childbearing experience, then it is best to wait until after completing having your children before undergoing a reduction mammaplasty (breast reduction).  While some women are able to nurse after having had a reduction others are not able to do so.  Therefore, if your highest priority is to be able to nurse your children, my advice to is wait.  You also mentioned concerns about your breasts getting bigger after pregnancy and nursing and the need for another reduction.  How each woman's breasts respond to pregnancy and nursing is highly variable.  Some women do gain breast size with pregnancy/nursing and never lose it, others gain size only to shrink to a smaller than original size after nursing, and others do not experience much change in size at all.   How your breasts will behave is really hard to tell.  I recommend obtaining a consult with a board certified plastic surgeon before proceeding further.  Also, while you are waiting for your consult, I would recommend you try to determine how important nursing is for you and your childbearing goals since this will help in your decision.  Good Luck!

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Pregnancy and breast reduction

You have two conflicting issues: large breasts with current symptoms and breasts changes accompanying pregnancy. All bets are off with breast size and shape after pregnancy. Your large breasts can grow larger, then shrink, or grow larger and stay large, or grow large and then sag. No one can predict. So you have to make a decision as to how beneficial a breast reduction will be for the time you have the breasts until you are finished with having children.If it is only one year, it is probably not worth it. If it is 3-5 years, it might be. Only you can decide or know when you might plan to get pregnant.

Robin T.W. Yuan, M.D.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
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Breast reduction before pregnancy

Many women have breast reductions before pregnancy due to the symptoms that they are experiencing.   Things to consider are that you may have skin stretching and changes to your breasts following pregnancy and lactation that lead you to consider surgery afterwards - but many women who do not have breast reductions or pre-pregnancy surgery undergo breast surgery after pregnancy because the changes can be significant.  Also, there is a chance that you many not be able to breast feed effectively following a reduction.  I would recommend consulting with a plastic surgeon who can examine you and talk to you about the pros and cons. 

Breast reduction before or after having kids?

There is a chance that your breasts will enlarge with pregnancy, but it is difficult to say for sure. Many patients go ahead with surgery regardless because they no longer want to experience the pain, discomfort and embarrassment associated with their excessively large breasts. However, the choice is really up to you. Best of luck!

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Breast reduction timing

If at all possible, it is in your best interest to wait after completing pregnancies to undergo breast reduction surgery. Your concerns regarding the potential for further surgery (after pregnancy and breast-feeding) and/or interfering with the ability to breast-feed are valid. Make sure you seek consultation with a well experienced board certified plastic surgeon. Best wishes.

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Should I Wait Until After I've Had and Breast Fed Children Before Getting a Breast Reduction?

Have breast reduction now if your breasts are making you miserable: back, neck and shoulder pain; difficulty finding clothing; inability to do the activities you want to.

Understand that you may need to have the procedure repeated later in life, especially if you have children or gain weight.

Don't have breast reduction now if it is very important that you breastfeed your children, or if you absolutely don't want to have the operation more than once.

Good luck!

Eric Pugash, MD
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Breast feeding after breast reduction

Part of your decision about breast reduction before or after children should consider how important breast feeding is to you. If it is high on your list of priorities, then wait. You will lactate after breast reduction, though chances are you will have to supplement for the reduced breast milk. Also, many women find the breast smaller after pregnancy and seek breast implants. You should be able to have a reduction once, before or after your family.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Breast reduction can be done before or after pregnancy

If you are having troublesome symptoms such as neck and/or back pain, you don't necessarily have to wait until you have children to undergo a breast reduction. However, as you indicated, pregnancy after a breast reduction can alter the shape and potentially stretch the skin, which could lead you to needing a revision in the future. I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure. Your health insurance may even cover the costs of the surgery.

Best wishes,


William Bruno, MD
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Breast reduction and pregnancy

if you are as big as you say it must be a major physical issue at this point. a compromise might be to look into the "Scarless"reduction which is liposuction only. works well even in your very large size. you have also burned no bridges as you could have a traditional reduction when you are finished having children.

Sherwood Baxt, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon
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