Not Able to Do Breast Fat Transfer, What's my Choice After Fibroadenoma Removel?

I am 30 years old and having a fibrodenoma in my breast for years. Since it grew queit big during pregnancy (10cmx8cmx3cm),my doctor decided to remove it, that will leave me a funny shape. They do not provide breast fat transfer in Canada, not even DEIP flap in the province I live. what could I do? I really do not want to go tram flap because of muscle damage. Am I able to breastfeeding after the surgery? thank you for your answer

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Fat Grafting to Breast Defect

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I would not recommend fat grafting to your breast.  This treatment in my opinion is still controversial.  A picture would be helpful but the options mentioned by the other distinguished surgeons are reasonable.  


Breast reconstruction after a lumpectomy

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Implant reconstruction is an option. Another good option is to use the lattisimus dorsi flap endoscopically using the muscle only leaving a very small incision. Hope this is available to you in Canada.

Breat deformity

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Removing such a large fibroadenoma will leave you with significant defect.

i would recommend, and have done, that a plastic surgeon does the closing of the defect after the removal of the fibroadenoma. Mobilize the tissue so that there is no indent. Then once healed see the difference and you may want to reduce the other side or augment the smaller side by implant

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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