Breast Explant and Lift Without Getting More Implants?

I had my saline implants deflated 3 days ago. The Dr pulled out 190 ccs from each breast. The bags r still inside me. They are very flat at the top & bowlish, when I bend over they look like flat triangle pancakes when I lay down they're very flat & flop over. Not allot of tissue. How long does it take 4 boobs 2 settle after draining? Does top tissue fluff up? How long does it take 2 fully drain? Based on tissue description do I sound like a candidate 4 a lift? I'm a B/A size now. Thanks!

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Implant removal and breast lift

If the capsule is removed it increases the risk of bleeding.  If a silicone gel implant has ruptured then removal of the capsule would be recommended otherwise I would leave it alone unless it was calcified.  If there is distortion of the breast after implant removal may also be a reason to remove the capsule.  The capsule probably never fully gets resorbed and refinements will be there for a long time.  This would not cause a health risk.  You would be a candidate for a breast lift in the future.  

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Breast Explant and Lift Without Getting More Implants?

The breast volume can only increase on its own under hormone stimulus such as a pregnancy, or with total body weight gain. Otherwise what you see is what you are going to have. As to a lift, that woulod be impossible to discuss without an exam or at the very least good medical quality photos.

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Breast Lift Necessary after Breast Implant Deflation?

Thank you for the question.

After draining of the breast implants,  it may take several weeks to months for the breast implants to fully deflate. They may also take many months (and up to one year) for the skin to redrape completely. Whether breast lifting will or will not be necessary should be decided (after careful physical examination) many months after deflation.

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