I Had a Breast Enlargement 2 Years Ago and Suddenly One Drops, the Other Looks Smaller, Higher and Still Hard? (photo)

The surgery was 2 years ago and ive never been very happy, they werent soft and sat high. i had very small breasts and small chest cavity but just the other day the left finally dropped and feels soft, finally perfect but the right looks smaller, and higher, looks very abnormal. Will the other drop or do you think something is wrong? I have tried to massage but am worried. implants inserted: Silimed Type: HI Polyurethane Size Right: 250cc Left: 250cc

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Asymmetry 2 years after breast augmentation

It's unusual for one implant to settle and drop dramatically 2 years after surgery. Since you still have concerns about the right side, I recommend following up with your plastic surgeon to see if a capsulotomy (internal scar release) within the right breast implant pocket will provide you with better symmetry. Watch the left side, though. Hopefully, it won't bottom out. Thanks for sharing your photos and concerns. Best wishes.

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Breast Enlargement 2 Years Ago and Suddenly One Drops, the Other Looks Smaller, Higher and Still Hard

It appears to me from the photos that the main problem is bottoming out on the left side. The implant lies too low on the chest, and there is associated with this too much lower pole of that breast. The right breast is the more normal looking one to me. If it is hard, there may be a capsular contracture, and that would mean there are two separate problems. 

It will be well to visit your surgeon to discuss the options to correct these. All the best/ 


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