3 Years Post Breast Enlargement and Right Breast Has Dropped?

Please help I had breast enlargement three years ago but today I noticed that my right breast has dropped and they are not level now it also feels different sometimes it feels like it is catching on something sharp inside the breast and feels very lumpy? Please help.

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Do you have saline or silicone implants?

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You should definitely tell your surgeon about this. Do you have saline or silicone cohesive gel implants? If you have saline implants then perhaps one just deflated. This would cause the drop, since there is no longer an implant to create projection from the body, and the lumpy feeling could be the empty shell. In this situation, you'll need to undergo a subsequent procedure to replace it. Your implant may have also moved to a lower position, which would also explain why your breast has dropped and now hangs lower than your left, but may not explain the "sharp" feeling you're experiencing. It's important that you inform your surgeon in a face-to-face consultation, so that they may examine the issue better. Good luck!

Breast Changes Over Time

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It is not unusual for the breasts to change over time.  However, they usually act fairly symmetrical when it comes to sagging, etc.  If you have noticed a marked change in one breast, there may be a problem with the implant itself, the breast pocket ( scar tissue), or even the opposite breast ( scar tissue holding that implant too high over time).  Without examining you it is impossible to say.  I would consult with your surgeon or a board certified plastic surgeon in your area and see what they have to say.

Change after Breast Enlargement

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A sudden change in the appearance of a breast after augmentation can be a sign of implant rupture.  I would recommend consulting the Plastic Surgeon that performed the procedure.  It is important to keep the card that is usually given to patients to identify their implants after surgery.  This can be helpful if your surgeon has moved or old records are unavailable.

Jarrod Little, MD
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Deflation vs bottoming out vs capsule contracture

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There are a number of different possibilities in terms of what can be occurring with your breasts.  It sounds like one of your breasts has bottomed out but it is hard to know without at least a photograph.  Post a photo and I suspect you will be able to get a little more accurate advice about is going on and what will have to be done to correct it.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
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Breasts have dropped

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Difficult to tell without a full examination, but some possibilities include a saline implant rupture or slow deflation. The salt water from the implant will be absorbed by your body. Another possibility includes a bottoming out of the implant. This is where the implant moves lower than your breast tissue and can be seen below the fold where your breast meets your chest wall.  Usually this is a more subtle problem, but maybe you just noticed it so it is "new" to you. Your best bet is to visit your original surgeon or a board certified plastic surgeon for a full exam and recommendations. Hopefully, that surgeon is one and the same. Good Luck.

Breasts Augmentation and Changes 3 Years After Surgery?

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Unfortunate, without direct examination or viewing pictures it is not possible to make an accurate diagnosis or provide specific recommendations. Based on your description of where it is possible that you are experiencing implant displacement/malposition,  where a breast implant has moved ( “dropped”). Otherwise, you may be experiencing a saline breast implant deflation.

Either way, you will be best off seeking consultation with a well expensed board-certified plastic surgeon. This consultation should allow for a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Best wishes.

Suddenly uneven 3 years after BA

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From your description I am assuming that you have saline implants and the one on the right side has deflated. Do not panic, you will not get sick from this. Return to your surgeon and he/she will be able to verify the deflation and explain how to help you.

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