280CC, Under Muscle, Cohesive Gel Implants: Are They Right for my Frame?

Hi.. I am 24, no children, slim, 5,3 in height. I am thinking of having a breast enlargement. I current have around a b cup. I have been for a consultation and the surgeon has suggested that I have 280 aligon cohesive implants behide the muscle. I don’t want big round fake looking boobs.. Is this the right option for me?

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Determining implant size

It is difficult to determine implant size pre-operatively. Every surgeon utilizes a different technique to determine implant size and profile to be used for each individual patient. It is important that I communicate with my patient prior to surgery to discuss their overall goals. Intra-operatively, sizers are used to determine implant size and shape based on the patient’s body type and the results they would like to achieve.

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It may be the right size.

Your Plastic Surgeon will have his own technique for determining the implant size that will give you the look you want. I use implant sizers in the operating room which enables me to see how differnent size implants look inside you as opposed to inside a bra. This eliminates guess work and also helps to correct asymmetry. Your implant should not only give you the size you want (volume), but it should also fit perfectly within your pocket (diameter). Communication with your surgeon is of paramount importance.

William H. Gorman, MD
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280CC, Under Muscle, Cohesive Gel Implants: Are They Right for my Frame?

Agree with Dr Rand, seek in person evaluations from boarded PSs in your area. I think a tad to small. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Breast implant choices

The only answer to your question is "probably."  With no photos and no exam to determine your dimesions and starting point and no assessment of the "look" you want, there is no way to tell what implant is best for you.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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