I Had a Breast Enlargement and Mastopexy 6days Ago and They Are Yellow and Hurt is This Normal or Infected?

I had breast enlargement and mastopexy 6days ago. One of them sticks out more that the other, hurts more in certain places when touched, feels tighter and gets random pains. The other one is still sore, tight and hard and red in certain places but just not as much as the other. They are both yellow around the areola and in certain places are redish and hard. The one that hurts more is also yellow underneath near the scar. Is this just bruising? Or should i be worried?

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Skin color changes and pain following a mastopexy with implants after six days

Post operative mastopexy with skin color changes is generally not an abnormal finding. Infection, skin necrosis, and wound dehiscence(breakdown) arepossible concerns following any breast lift procedure, with, or without implants. An office visit to your doctor is important to rule out some issues that may need to be addessed acutely. These changes 6 days after your procedure may be related  to a retained hematoma or seroma( collection of blood or fluid) which also may need treatment. You surgeon needs to be able to evaluate you to give you the appropriate diagnosis and treatment

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Post Op Breast Surgery

Thank you for your question.

Without examination, it is difficult for anyone to tell you if what you are experiencing is "normal". Yes, there may be bruising, swelling,etc after surgery but you should really go in and be checked by your surgeon if you are concerned about your recovery.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Breasts yellow and hurt fresh post-op

Without and exam, it is difficult to say whether this is normal or not. The best present o ask and probably see is your surgeon.

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Breast Enhancement Surgery

Sounds like usual brusing and swelling, blood will change color as it is taken up by your body and go through the different colors of the rainbow not to be worried

Ryan Neinstein, MD, FRCSC
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Breast enlargement and mastopexy

Thank you for your question about your breast enlargement and mastopexy healing.

  • One side of the body always heals faster than the other. 
  • The yellow color and redness may be from bruising.
  • Since you are concerned, go into be checked by your surgeon. Infections are more common when breast enlargement and mastopexy are combined. It is best to be sure. Hope this helps. Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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