Breast Enlargement After Having a Baby Which Would Be Better and More Natural Looking Overs, Unders or Partials? (photo)

I recently had a baby 7 months ago, prior to my son my breasts where a large C cup, now they are an empty size B. I want a breast enlargement to fill out my breasts to what they were pre-baby. My breasts are still quite full at the bottom but flat and empty at the top. I have been for one consultation (got 2 more booked in) the first surgeon has suggested 210cc overs. What size/shape/profile do you think would be best to make me back to a big C cup looking natural with slight lift if possible.

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Breast Enlargement After Having a Baby Which Would Be Better and More Natural Looking Overs, Unders or Partials?

Thanks for posting a frontal photo. You did not mention a lift so I assume you are NOT in favour. Thus I recommend unders or dual plane HP implants at 400 cc + enriched PRP fat grafts to the upper poles about 100 cc's per side. That is my opinion without having examined you. Best to you. 

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Breast lift and breast augmentation designed to accomplish different goals


A side photo or an indication where your breast fold is located would help determine if you are in need of a breast lift.  A breast lift is designed to either raise the areola (purse-string/donut mastopexy) or shape the breast tissue that you currently have (circumvertical/lollipop mastopexy).  A breast augmentation will not accomplish either one of these goals.  An implant would simply add overall volume as well as upper pole volume.  Going from a B to a C would be in the 250-300 ml range and you could determine the xact size by trying on implants in the plastic surgeons office.

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Breast Enlargement After Having a Bab

In general, unless there is a pressing reason not to, I prefer putting implants in the submuscular position, as do most surgeons in the US. As far as size and contour, my opinion without an exam, measurements, or at least more photos would not be worth much.  I don't think two people would agree as to what an empty B and a full C cup are, but I would have some concern that 210 cc might not give that much of a change.

One thing the implants won't do is lift the breast. It will fill out some excess skin, but won't elevate the nipple and areola, so it the latter is your issue, you would need to consider a lift.


Thanks for the question, and the photo.

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